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Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades NYC To Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades NYC To Celebrates 3rd Anniversary


This past weekend over 200+ world travelers converged on New York City for the Nomadness Tribe Anniversary Weekend. Arriving from all areas of the U.S, Europe, South America and more, Tribe members came to celebrate the annual gathering of this new age social collective. With just under 9000 members worldwide it’s been amazing and at times overwhelming to be on the ground level and directly involved in keeping things together. It’s one thing to attend an event. It’s a completely different matter organizing and putting the event together.

I’m thankful that the good folk at Kia via DriveSTI put me behind the wheel of the new #KiaSorento because the space was definitely needed. The running around, stress and energy that went into this years gathering was something else but it was a small price to pay for the enjoyment of the Tribe. From getting the Venue to Music to Drinks there is a behind-the-scenes story to everything that few will ever know. Yet, when it was all said and done I’d do it all over again. Well, most of it.

Read more after the jump and see some of the beautiful images from the weekend’s festivities.

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Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades Atlanta For Annual Summer BBQ Weekend

Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades Atlanta For Annual Summer BBQ Weekend


Loyal readers should know of my affiliation with the Nomadness Travel Tribe. The international travel collective prides itself on a strong sense of community. This fuels the meet ups that are held frequently through out the United States and around the world. In the midst of all that I felt it was needed to have an event that can bring everyone together in a casual relaxed manner. The Anniversary party is a big lavish gathering so in turn I wanted to capture that energy with less pomp and circumstance. This gave birth the Nomadness BBQ. There’s no grand genius involved in suggesting a summer bbq but I did believe that in true Nomadness fashion it could evolve into a true event. This summer in its 3rd year the Tribe BBQ took that step from a one day get together in NY to a full weekend of activity in Atlanta, GA.

There’s something to be said for what motivates people into action. As I prepared to head south to Atlanta I was questioned by a few friends. “You’re going to Atlanta for a BBQ?” The concept didn’t click with some people and I don’t fault them for it. If you’re not in the Tribe and don’t have that emotional investment for what it stands for that it was an understandable stance to have. From all over the nation love and positive energy made it’s way to Atlanta. Every negative thing that the world consistently tries to tell us we are the Tribe repeatedly disproves. It’s a sort of retreat from the daily stresses of life. It’s an escape to experience the life we all are working to live daily and that’s a life free of the constraints of others, surrounded by people that get what you’re really about.

For 3 days we danced, laughed, supported, networked and broke bread. It was a weekend of reunions for many and first time introductions for others but it was all love no matter what. The images below give you only a peek into the great time that was had by the 125+ Nomadness Travel Tribe members that attended. It was a special time and created memories that will remain near and dear to me as well as many others. #NomadnessBBQ

If all this Nomadness talk is still new to you please check out the groups site www.nomadnesstv.com and follow us on our respective social media site at @NomadnessTribe on IG & Twitter.

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