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Milestone Summer – Family Ties

Milestone Summer – Family Ties


Already this summer may go down as one of the most eventful periods in my life. It started out with me celebrating the first birthday of my son Max. Not to be outdone, the following weekend I saw my brother become a husband. Witnessing the marriage of my little brother, as his best man, in front of our family was probably one of the most emotional moments of my life. So between that and the one-year celebration of my son, it’s been quite a summer thus far. With that said there’s been a lot of reflection a lot of introspective days just thinking about where I am where my family has come from and where we’re going. Knowing everything that emotionally struck me when I found out I was about to be a father to where I am today has been quite a path traveled.

Max Turns 1!!!!

With that said there’s been a lot of reflection, a lot of introspective days just thinking about where I am where my family has come from and where we’re going. Knowing everything that emotionally struck me when I found out I was going to be a father to be where I am today is a major step. In conjunction with that seeing where my brother is at has made me so happy and so proud of everything that he has accomplished.

Interestingly enough, the announcement to my parents that I would be expecting a child and the announcement from my brother that his girlfriend had accepted his proposal all happened within the same November week back in 2015. So to have the wedding and Max’s birthday fall within a week of each other was kind of interesting and pretty cool. I say that now as I think back to the same younger brother who I used to play video games with, play ninja tag and get into fights with, to now seeing him as a grown man and myself now as a father is just a testament to the power of family.

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I have always said that nothing matters more to me and nothing is more important than family. It is a foundation that not only holds me together in some of my weaker moments but is the foundation that I plan on building and raising my son upon. It’s something that I’m still trying to capture in words right now, where I am where the time has gone and yet almost feeling like we are all at a point of new beginnings. I’m in the early stages of life within Parenthood and now my brother is embarking on the journey of marriage. It really is a brand new world. I look forward to what it will mean for him and I look forward to the life that I’m going to craft out for myself and my son.








The dog days of Summer are upon us and as we creep towards the end of August we keep things rolling here with the latest edition of #SamuraiRides. This time around we continue taking a look at what Hyundai’s 2016 line up offers us with the new Elantra GT. Combining a unique physical design, power and an array of digital “Blue Link” features, the Elantra presented a lot more than I was expecting.


Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades Atlanta For Annual Summer BBQ Weekend

Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades Atlanta For Annual Summer BBQ Weekend


Loyal readers should know of my affiliation with the Nomadness Travel Tribe. The international travel collective prides itself on a strong sense of community. This fuels the meet ups that are held frequently through out the United States and around the world. In the midst of all that I felt it was needed to have an event that can bring everyone together in a casual relaxed manner. The Anniversary party is a big lavish gathering so in turn I wanted to capture that energy with less pomp and circumstance. This gave birth the Nomadness BBQ. There’s no grand genius involved in suggesting a summer bbq but I did believe that in true Nomadness fashion it could evolve into a true event. This summer in its 3rd year the Tribe BBQ took that step from a one day get together in NY to a full weekend of activity in Atlanta, GA.

There’s something to be said for what motivates people into action. As I prepared to head south to Atlanta I was questioned by a few friends. “You’re going to Atlanta for a BBQ?” The concept didn’t click with some people and I don’t fault them for it. If you’re not in the Tribe and don’t have that emotional investment for what it stands for that it was an understandable stance to have. From all over the nation love and positive energy made it’s way to Atlanta. Every negative thing that the world consistently tries to tell us we are the Tribe repeatedly disproves. It’s a sort of retreat from the daily stresses of life. It’s an escape to experience the life we all are working to live daily and that’s a life free of the constraints of others, surrounded by people that get what you’re really about.

For 3 days we danced, laughed, supported, networked and broke bread. It was a weekend of reunions for many and first time introductions for others but it was all love no matter what. The images below give you only a peek into the great time that was had by the 125+ Nomadness Travel Tribe members that attended. It was a special time and created memories that will remain near and dear to me as well as many others. #NomadnessBBQ

If all this Nomadness talk is still new to you please check out the groups site www.nomadnesstv.com and follow us on our respective social media site at @NomadnessTribe on IG & Twitter.

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TGIF: Your Social Media Samurai’s Secret Summer Assignment – UBERICECREAM *Updated*

TGIF: Your Social Media Samurai’s Secret Summer Assignment UBERICECREAM *Updated*


Yeah have fun saying that post title 3 times fast. Summer time is in full swing and today I’ll be a part of fun campaign in the streets of NYC!!! Actually this campaign is bigger then just NYC as you’ll soon learn. What I need for you all to do is stay tuned to my social media platforms locations throughout the day. Make sure you follow the links below as I will be giving the vital info via a combination of FB, Twitter, IG & Foursquare. A big day is on deck so here is the announcement!!!!!


  • Ice Cream will be available on Friday, July 18th.

  • To request, choose the Ice Cream option in the app. If a vehicle is available, you’ll be enjoying your deserts in minutes.

  • No cash needed—your order will be billed to your Uber account.

Demand will be very high and availability limited.

Be a part of the #UberIceCream community worldwide—share your refreshing experience on Twitter and Instagram!

If you’re not on UBER SIGN UP NOW!!!!

 **UPDATE – Check out the Images from the Worldwide 144 City #UberIceCream Campaign after the Jump**


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Summer Weekend with The Samurai!!!

Summer Saturday with The Samurai!!!


I thought my serious socializing event days were long behind me but as it would appear the nature of the events have simply upgraded over the years. Gone is the need to be out till 4am in the morning. I’ll take the early afternoon affairs as a nice change of pace. I’ve seen a big increase in the Brunch movement this Summer and it’s time that the Samurai introduce himself to the scene. This weekend you have two great Brunch options brought to you by MRA Productions.

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The 2003 Blackout…When NY Went Dark

10 Years Later…Remembering When New York Went Black


It’s amazing to think that it’s been a decade since the North East Blackout that shut down power for approx 50 million people from NYC to Ontario. I couldn’t help but think back to where I was and more importantly who I was when that took place. So, much has changed yet so much is still the same. When the power first shut down that afternoon I was enjoying a care free day with my family out-of-town on vacation. I was working at Home Depot at the time and clearly the power outage resulted in an end of business but being a manager I drove down to see what was going on. Home Depot was NOT going to miss out on the opportunity to make money and they had back up generations on deck to facilitate sales of batteries, flashlights and other emergency supplies. It hadn’t sunk in yet just what was going on until I turned on the radio and heard that what I thought was a simple local power outage was actually a national event that had taken out the north-eastern corner of the nation. Now the level of worry started to kick in.

New York Blackout 2003


Remember that we are only 2 yrs removed from 9/11 so something of this scale and magnitude automatically gets a nervous reaction as we all waited for a cause. I started calling and checking on friends and family. MY Truck with a 3/4 tank of gas was no a mini HQ since I could move around, listen to the radio for updates and keep my phone charged. It was an odd feeling as night fall set in. It wasn’t a feeling of fear or nervousness but just the fact that this was something that doesn’t happen often and you knew it’d be  a memory you look back on. It was uncertainty that reigned that night. Would people do something to set off a more dangerous situation? Fortunately nothing of that nature went down.

I can admit the one person I would have wanted to be with at the time was not an option for a few reasons so I spent most of the Blackout time shooting the breeze with my boys. I do wonder how things would play out if that were to happen again. With a for great social network then I had back then I could imagine folk turning it into a party. But would Twitter and Facebook maintain through a blackout of that level? They served us well during Super storm Sandy so I’m sure the tweets resulting from that would be legendary. 1 night when you had to get by without the usual comforts of society. How would you fare?

Feel free to share your thoughts and memories of that day. And make sure you follow me at @Trueomeganexus on Twitter.