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The Power of Rejection to Build or Destroy

The Power of Rejection to Build or Destroy


Three weeks ago I posted a screen shot of one of my email inboxes showing a folder labeled #Rejections. It sparked a nice conversation on how we define success, failure and the path that can lead to either rejection or success. I explained that I use rejection as a motivational tool to continue my press forward. I wanted to bring that topic here and expand on it a bit. One of the major pros of social media is the ability to share and promote your motivational stories. In many cases though these stories seem incomplete. With the ability to be writer, director and producer of our own presentation, it’s easy and quite understandable when many of the ugly details get left on the cutting room floor.

There are countless memes floating around the internet about “The Struggle”. We talk about grind and hustle without really sharing that element in detail. I feel it’s needed to balance the real picture. For every successful event and business accomplishment there is a trail that is littered with obstacles and set backs. It sounds cliche’ but these pitfalls definitely do build the character needed to complete the job. It’s one thing to see the finished product but when you learn how many times that product had to be redesigned or how many people turned that product down and called it a horrible idea, you get better appreciation for what it took to get here.

In my personal journey I’ve had a duel mission of directing smaller businesses toward better digital standing while simultaneously building my own brand. My entrepreneurial background is often something that tradition mainstream business don’t know what to make of. Instead of viewing it as proof of self starting, multitasking and real world experience from the ground up, it is generally seen as lacking structure or uncertainty of focus. Even during interviews I know this is the case. While so much business is transforming and adapting to new ways of communication, there are still many that cling to classic ways of viewing things. ¬†These fresh new professional models of operation aren’t deemed worth stepping away from “what has been working”.

I’ve hit that wall numerous times. Many a great interviews has taken place that didn’t go anywhere because they viewed me as a gamble vs the person with the more conventional background even if it’s clear no one understood the role and had the genuine passion for it like me. How many people Instagram or Snapchat the meal they’re having when they get that email (because they never call anymore) to say they went with another person. Who really posts about feeling of frustration when you’re in negotiation with a potential client and they just pull out at the last minute to attempt to do what you were offering them on their own for free?

No matter what space you’re in if you’re building your own business you’ve been here. It may be financial woes, self doubt, lacking support from the people you expected from, whatever it is always find a way to pull the lesson out of it. Any and everything on this journey can be a stepping stone upward. This is why I share my story in such an open manner. It’s not just to present a rags to riches tale but it’s to truthfully show that this is not easy. It not the romanticized story you are led to believe via these internets. The process isn’t for everyone and for those that it is for, it will break you down before you reach the grand prize.

All of this goes back to one of my most simple rules. We do not have control over all that happens around us but we always control how we react/respond to it. Never forget your power and keep on pressing forward. Your rejections are often your greatest assets.





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