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Jay-Z Releases Update on Barney’s Profiling Matters

Jay-Z Releases Update on Barney’s Profiling Matters


While the attention of many has moved away from the Barney’s issue (surprise surprise) Jay this evening just released an update statement as to the current status of his dealings with the high end retailer.

In the past several weeks two separate investigations were launched as a result of the wrongful detention of Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips. My team has been privy to the status of the Barneys third party consultant investigation. In continuing our research, we also contacted the New York State Attorney General’s office for the status of their investigation into both Barneys and Macy’s. Those findings are not yet available.

While I await the findings of the Attorney General’s Office, I have agreed to move forward with the launch of BNY SCC collection under the condition that I have a leadership role and seat on a council specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling. I am in a unique position to use my voice to affect change to this disturbing issue. The easy position would have been to walk away and leave policy making to others hoping that someone addresses the problem. I will not leave the outcome to others. I will take this into my own hands with full power to recommend, review and revise policies and guidelines moving forward. I am choosing to take this head on.

As I previously stated, the collaboration with Barneys has always been about giving and The Shawn Carter Foundation. From this collection, the Foundation will receive not only 25% of sales, it will now receive the additional 75% of Barneys’ sales, totalling 100% of all sales from BNY SCC. Along with 100% of sales from the collaboration, the Foundation will receive an additional 10% of all retail sales from Barneys New York stores nationwide and Barneys.com on November 20th. – Shawn “JAY Z” Carter

For many Jay-Z’s position to not walk away from Barneys will have a negative meaning. For others they’ll see a positive in it. In the end, in my opinion regardless of Carter’s own business moves have we changed? Are we giving our money to the same retailers today that we were 2 months ago? Once the immediate media focus fades away do we live up to the standards we place upon others? The Holiday season is here so if ever there was a time to show the power of where and who you purchase from it’s now.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai

Police Profiling And Disregard For Common Sense Leaves Unarmed Black Man Dead

Profiling And Disregard For Common Sense Leaves Unarmed Black Man Dead

Police kill crash survivor

Imagine getting into a horrible car crash, realizing that you have survived and are in good enough condition to go seek help. As you search for assistance you must be feeling a degree of thanks for the continuation of your life. Unfortunately in this instance the car wreck was far more gracious to Mr Jonathan Ferrell then those he would seek help from. This played out yesterday morning as the Ferrell having escaped his vehicle made his way to a nearby home for help. His knocks at the door were answered by the female homeowner. She assumed it was her husband and upon seeing Jonathan, who was obviously a stranger to her, who slammed the door on him and called 911.   Ferrell, according to reports, continued to try and get the woman’s attentions before leaving. I call this lack of common sense point #1.

Making his way from this home Ferrell encounters Police, who are responding to the 911 call. What follows is to make least of common sense point #2. The 3 officers on the scene say Jonathan ran towards them. Now, because he “matched the description” of the attempt break in this woman called in, a stun gun was “unsuccessfully” used followed by 1 officer shooting Jonathan several times.  If there are any police reading this please help me out. 3 armed police and one man running requires deadly force? I grew thinking that deadly force was the last line of action, the final measure if nothing else failed. People in the position to take life as the police have done for decades should have better reasoning to be allowed operate but we all know no one’s listening.

How can I even write about this anymore. I often feel it’s just a countdown until this happens to me. The law enforcement of this nation has shown a heart breaking level of poor judgement and deadly misuse of force towards people of color to the point that I can only ask questions in an attempt to reach some sort of understanding. I have more apprehension around police then I do in the hood. The codes of the streets may be twisted but they often times seem to be way more consistent then the nonsensical acts we see played out by police time and time again.

Folk simply believe that black is dangerous. If you’re moving fast your up to no good and if your moving slow your planning something which is not good. It often feels like a gamble to walk the streets these days. Now this young man who beat fate in making it from this crash gets his life taken anyway….a fiance loses a future husband for no reason at all. And the powers that be call it all “unfortunate”.

As I try to make sense of this life feel free to connect with me on Twitter at @Trueomeganexus.