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My Day Speaking at Kamit Prep Institute in Brooklyn

My Day Speaking at Kamit Prep Institute in BrooklynKamit Preparatory Institute Career

One of the best things you can do in life is to aid the upbringing of the next generation. From education to social interaction, it truly is our greatest duty to put the youth in a position to do things bigger and better than we ever did.  To that end, I recently was invited to speak to the students of Kamit Preparatory Institute in Brooklyn for their first annual Career Day. KPI is split into 2 internal schools housing K through grade 6 in the lower school and grade 7 to 12 in the Upper.  This enabled me to address student across the entire spectrum of the system. It was an amazing opportunity that I really look forward to doing again.  KPICareerDay8

I gave 4 different presentations that day sharing my work as a Social Media Manager. The engagement was high across the broad. The youngest students seemed more curious about me personally than professionally which was amusing. As the age and grade level increased the questions picked up in details and scope.

The oldest students were very intrigued about the business I am in both on the digital/social media side as well as the travel side with my direct work with Nomadness. To that end, I was the one that was surprised to find out just how many of these students had passports. Not only do they have passports but they were very active having traveled to Asia, Europe, Africa and many other places across the globe.  You could tell that there were a number of future tribe members in my presence.


The key thing with speaking to groups of any size, age or demographic is making a connection. With the overall focus of the day being about Careers, I made it a point to let these young minds know, not to stress. Do not feel that you are expected to know what you want to do with your life right now. Especially for those preparing for college that was a vital point I needed them to understand. At times I think we lay out these expectations for our kids and try to give them a foolproof plan to success. It’s well intended and for earlier generations, it did make sense. Today the world is in flux. It’s ripe with opportunities that venture way outside of the box and we need to make sure our kids feel the support to explore these options.

I look forward to checking up on the students of KPI and hearing great things about them in the future. When my time was done, I quietly made my way toward the exit. Suddenly I was mobbed with hugs from a half-dozen 1 st graders. It was the perfect end to my day. As I watched the kids run off, I couldn’t help but think of my son. Max is turning 1-year-old and time will fly and have him in school before I know it……and I will be there. Let’s be there for our kids now and forever.

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