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New Podcast Launch – Who’s Listening EP.00

New Podcast Launch – Who’s Listening EP.00 & EP.01


Funny how life goes in circles. Years ago I was a pretty solid fixture in the internet radio/podcasting/online streaming space. I co-hosted a Toronto-based online show. I made regular appearances on a number of pretty popular online shows and even on my personal blog I was doing a video blogs very heavy.

Now, to have stepped away from that and then see you that same media blow up with a current surge of podcast activity I won’t lie it’s bittersweet. I think I have a habit of being too far ahead of the curve and several times I’m so far ahead that I missed out on the chance to monetize what it is I’ve already been doing.

With that being said, Facebook over the past week just rolled out a very interesting feature. They announced this back at the tail end of last year and now it’s finally hitting. They announce the audio only feature within Facebook live so if you’re not someone who is camera ready at the moment but has a lot to say, has a voice that needs to be heard or a voice that the people want to hear this is the perfect thing. Obviously, you would do your recordings for the benefit of a live audience at the same time your material is saved which you can direct people back to or share across social media.

This past week I introduced “Who’s Listening”.  Episode 00, the pilot episode. This is me stepping back into the podcast world with this first episode. I spoke about the Yankee captain Derek Jeter having his number retired along with a few Yankee memories. I touched on the NBA playoffs as well. In addition, there was social media talk about virtual reality and “Smart” tech like voice recognition.   The main topic of the show was the  “black women are trash black men or trash” t-shirt fiasco that hit the internet last week. I definitely gave some opinions on that so without further ado drop down and take a listen to the pilot episode of  Who’s Listening.







Rap Radar x Hot 97 – Payola, Breaking New Music & Internets!!!! (Full Audio & Video)

Rap Radar x Hot 97 – Payola, Breaking New Music & Internets!!!! (Full Audio & Video)

Rap Radar

Hip Hop is in a place where the media personalities are bigger then the artists at times or at least they try to be. In this edition of Juan Epstein Rap Radar visits Hot 97 to air a few things out. It’s the Rap Radar honcho Elliot Wilson formerly the man behind the once dominate XXL magazine and Hip Hop blogger B Dot chopping it up Dj Cipha Sounds, host Peter Rosenberg and Hot 97 program director Ebro.

Before getting into the audio I’ll give my opinion that both of this platforms push the mainstream musical agenda. Very few new artists are being broken, but I don’t look to Hot 97 or Rap Radar for that. It’s going to be Young Money, GOOD Music, etc,etc….but it that’s their lane and it’s a business. With that said get comfy because it’s a long
play. Add Follow on Twitter too at @Trueomeganexus