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Under Armour Gives A Sneak Peak At Q3/Q4 Line Plus New Fitness Tech

Under Armour Gives A Sneak Peak At Q3/Q4 Line Plus New Fitness Tech


As the people prepare for the pleasant days and cool nights of the Spring season, the wheels are turning at Under Armour to produce those Fall and Winter pieces that we’ll all be looking for once the warmer weather fades.  I was invited to view some items that will be released later this year by UA as well as the new UA HealthBox. Take a look at what is on deck for the 2nd half of 2016.

The ladies line is delivering new colors and supportive designs for the better fitting tops and new sweat absorbent bottoms for those early morning jobs and work out classes.

Hit the Jump so you can view some of the new men’s items and the new UA HealthBox!!!

Under Armour Q3/Q4 Lookbook

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#UnitedNude Event by Clique Vodka & Chelly

#UnitedNude Event by Clique Vodka & Chelly


Soho was the place to be this past Wednesday night as the #UnitedNude shoe store on Bond St played host to music, shoes and drinks via Clique Vodka. If you’re not familiar with #UnitedNude then make sure you get yourself down here to knock out some of your holiday shopping . With footwear for the ladies and a few nice items for the men too your shoe obsessions will be satisfied. As for the party, it was a dope gathering of NY fashion insiders, media and music folk networking and having a good time to the tunes of Dj Fugi Slim and Sony Records Recording artist Chelley.


Clique Vodka had the open bar in full effect so all was well in the world. Photographer Kim Soo Jin has more images from the night that you can check out here.











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Picasso – The Redefinition of Art???

Picasso – The Redefinition of Art???


Having returned home for an extended weekend celebrating Caribana I finally sat down to catch up on a few things. I caught some the Internets buzzing about this “Performance Art” video for “Picasso Baby”  that Jay-Z was dropping. We’re still in full Hov overload right now so I made it a point to wait before I watched this video. I’ve seen many folk react to it as a “Masterpiece” and others say they “can’t stand it.”  I guess its time to judge for myself as I once again navigate between extreme reactions.

I gave this video a few spins last night and truthfully its nice. It’s different in that it’s not video models, expensive cars and  liquor bottles on display as is he make up of most videos currently in rotation. But with that said I stop short of calling it ground breaking art. Hip Hop has always been a performance art. I see this as shout out to Hip Hops basic principals.

There was nothing wrong with the imagery of this video, but in my mind when I saw this I thought back to Nas’s classic “Nas Is Like” Set in the streets and various other locales of NY. Nas rhymes traditionally to the camera while interacting on the move with the people.

“Picasso” to me seems like the stationary, cleaned up safe version of that style. It’s almost like what would you get if you had Jay-Z over to rhyme at a baby shower. It’s closed, private with not much risk of problems. Again it was different and I think that combined with the marketing powerhouse that is Jay-Z is what makes this seem so grand. Could another artist do this and get the same artistic fanfare? If Lupe Fiasco or Pharoahe Monch did this would it still be heralded as great art or just a cool new video? It’s the power of perspective.

When something doesn’t strike me the way it strikes others I’m not going to bash it for the sake of a response. I want to gain something new from the possible conversation it can create. So from those more Artistic than myself whats so special (not different but special) about “Picasso Baby?”

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