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With Summer now in full swing Samurai Rides rolls along with another look at a great vehicle. I’m developing a thing for these Crossover SUV’s. I think my youthful days of driving up and down the East Coast in a massive SUV is still a part of my driver make up but with age comes appreciation for the streamlined smaller designs. One of my favorites has been the Mitsubishi Outlander. I’ve been fortunate enough to review the 2015 Outlander and the smaller Sport edition of the same year. This time around I went back to see what’s new with this years 2016 Outlander. Let’s check it out.

First thing I noticed in this years model was the new grill. The new metallic design over the fresh new blacked out center bumper really makes it stands out giving the Outlander a little more aggressive look in my opinion.

Next up were the new larger wheels. Mitsubishi has thrown 18 inch alloy wheels on the new Outlander that goes great with the new grille. The Outlander really steps up the initial impression you get visually without doing anything overly drastic.

Stepping inside the Outlander the full leather finish and spacious seating that I’m accustomed to is back and this year the leather has been extended to the steering wheel as well. That just adds one more layer of comfort to the driving experience.


The Outlander was my very first CX SUV and one of my first Samurai Rides reviews. It introduced me to a lot of the motion sensor safety features that are now staples across most cars. Below is the detailed info for the Lane Departure, Cruise Control and Collision systems.

The available Lane Departure Warning (LDW)4 system uses an onboard camera to monitor lane position in front of the vehicle, alerting the driver if it detects the vehicle leaving it’s lane unintentionally. Additionally, the available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)5system uses 77GHz radar technology to accurately judge distances between you and the vehicle ahead, helping you maintain a safe driving distance. By alerting the driver, the available Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM)6system can help you avoid accidents – and even automatically apply the brakes, if necessary.

Along with those top notch safety aids I appreciate features that speak to real life activities that we often overlook. With the sizable amount of entertainment features available to you, Mitsubishi has kicked in a safety restriction on the touch screen while the car is in motion. If you are listening to music you can scan up Β or down, you can switch between USB and radio but you cant manually search through music while you drive. It’s a common sense move that many don’t even think about. Business points for that one.

While I was running around with the Outlander, I was preparing for the arrival of my parents to meet their new Grandson Max. That resulted in a lot of back and forth runs to the store for supplies. Smooth handling and great mileage were really on display with the Outlander. At the end of an active week I put 4/5 of a tank of gas in for under $20.

Mitsubishi really earned my respect back in late 2014 and everything I’ve driven since has performed well and exceeded expectations. The Outlander came into 2016 with roughly 100 new improvements and features which you can see here in there entirety. Get behind the wheel of this CX and I promise you it’ll be a positive experience.

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