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NYC Hosts Word of Mouth Marketing Summit – [WOMMA 2017]

NYC Hosts Word of Mouth Marketing Summit – [WOMMA 2017]

womma logo

The New York Times building played host the annual WOMMA Summit this past week. The summit featured speakers from a number of major brands like MGM Grand, Tito’s Vodka, BuzzFeed, Wendy’s and many more.

WOMMA which stands for word-of-mouth-marketing presented two days of panel discussions, informative sessions that dove into various aspects of Social Media communication, content creation and the overall effect of digital activity on society. Many brands spoke about how they craft their respective voices along with the teams and systems that go into creating the content that the consumers see on a daily basis.

The online comedic wit of the Wendy’s brand was center stage for that chat courtesy of their V.P of Media, Ads & Social Brandon Rhoten.

Univision EVP Jessica Rodriguez opened up the Summit speaking on ownership of responsibility within her digital teams and the effects of “influencers”.

They also had a number of sessions that spoke not so much to a specific business purpose but how Society as a whole interacts with social media. As social continues to grow and evolve around us it’s playing a greater role in and having increased influence on day to day life. Topics such as prejudice, discrimination, fake news and more were touched on via author Emanuel Rosen

In addition to that WOMMA also addressed the issues of influencers in a few respective sessions. Kevin Knight of Experticity broke down what actually makes an influencer on various levels of scale, what their responsibilities are and how do they best express and deliver on the message of a respective brand.

It’s very informative to get a look into what larger mainstream businesses are doing and thinking in regards to social media. Learning what their methods are that result in the content that they create and what are the do’s and don’ts are that they apply to their own digital spaces. These things are important to be aware of as many of these brands set the trends that up-and-coming businesses and entrepreneurs tend to follow. Not to mention we see on a daily basis many mainstream bands continue to get social wrong and put themselves in positions where not just are they acting in error but then they are put on full display for the world to see just how out-of-touch they are. Truthfully speaking in today’s climate with social media as established as it is you should know the ramifications of the things you do in our business. Nothing is secret and customer service is now a spectator sport. How you treat your customers is no longer lost within phone calls and snail mail complaint letters.

Nicole Portwood of Tito’s Vodka says it best. “We focus on being as human as much as possible vs. being so product-driven.”

This sentiment does well in summing up the overall tone of the WOMMA Summit. Word of Mouth Marketing essentially is a reminder that no matter how far social media advances it is the social aspect, the direct person to person element that carries the greatest value for businesses to succeed. WOMMA isn’t stopping with the summit either. There are a number of events upcoming via WOMMA to continue the conversation of how our communication is evolving and impacting our business.





Samurai Rides: Conference Weekend in NYC w/ The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Samurai Rides: Conference Weekend in NYC w/ The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport


After a little time off for the dog days of Summer Samurai Rides returns for the new Fall season. We jump right into things as it’s a Conference Week edition of Samurai Rides with the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.  For the past 5 years one of, if not my busiest time of the year is late September when my Travel collective Nomadness celebrates its anniversary in New York City. In conjunction with that, we now have a travel conference that precedes the party, so that just doubles the energies and efforts all around. For me personally, I also had an appearance at YMS, which is a youth marketing convention that was taking place 2 days prior in Brooklyn. It was a very full plate for me so I was incredibly thankful that I had a trustworthy ride to get me from Philadelphia back home to New Rochelle and then all about Manhattan for this very busy period.

Full front to back moon roof!!

Mitsubishi has done well by me in the past. Samurai Rides is no stranger to their Outlander series of crossover SUVs. The last time I rode the streets in the Outlander Sport I was on assignment in the nation’s capital covering 5th annual African American Heritage Tour. The 2015 edition sport served me well in the winter winds and snowy nights. The 2016 Outlander in a beautiful diamond white made my business week in NY very enjoyable while holding it’s own with the errands and pick ups that needed to be handled .

MitsuOutlander from Nightfall 914 on Vimeo.

If this is your first exposure to the Outlander, let me give you an overview. This sporty CX SUV packs size and power while maintaining speed and agile on road handling. Expect all the usual features and accessories with the Sport edition of the Outlander. That includes but not limited to the 18′ Alloy wheels, leather wrapped gear shift and steering wheel. Climate control and 6″ Touchscreen. I will let you know that a larger 7″ screen with full Navigation is available as well. The FUSE® hands free link system with Bluetooth® 2.0 technology and speech recognition comes standard though to easily connect with phones, USB drives and most MP3 players.

Take a look for yourself at what I had the pleasure of riding in.

With the events that I usually find myself covering, the run around in those respective cities generally has me riding solo. It’s rarely a party in the car as I’m shuffling from one business engagement to another. With that being the case I need rides that enable me to be comfortable with myself and by myself. It seems simple but if I was to hop in a car with no satellite radio or no usb accessibility for more then 2 hrs, I’d be in for a loooooong ride. That integration of technology from my desktop to my phone to my car is vital. Think back to the days when nothing was connected. You personal computer did one thing, your radio did one thing and your phone did another.

I’ve been in the last 2 year releases of Mitsubishi’s Outlander. It’s a great ride that continues to stand up very well with the other economy CX SUVs that continue to grow in popularity.

You can dive into more detail at the Mitsu site here. You wont be disappointed.

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The dog days of Summer are upon us and as we creep towards the end of August we keep things rolling here with the latest edition of #SamuraiRides. This time around we continue taking a look at what Hyundai’s 2016 line up offers us with the new Elantra GT. Combining a unique physical design, power and an array of digital “Blue Link” features, the Elantra presented a lot more than I was expecting.


Social Samurai Media Skills: How To Rant Like A Champ

Social Media Samurai Skills: How To Rant Like A Champ


The reality of social media for most people is that it is an almost instantaneous conduit from the brain to the world. People don’t hesitate to express exactly what is on their mind that second. Think it, Post it is the motto for many. Generally speaking the everyday consumer can get away with that. If you work a regular job, assuming you don’t say anything extreme and over the line, a twitter rant vs the company that over charged you won’t result in any negative repercussions. In fact the sudden bad press via social media could actually expedite matters, but if you make your name and money on social media you have to be that much more careful. You may be justified in your feelings but a savage digital temper tantrum could have long-lasting effects to hurt you more in the big picture.

As frustrating as I’m sure it is for some, people depending on the market you are dealing with the IDGAF approach to a site like Twitter may not be the best way to vent when a business does you wrong. Just this morning I had to stop take a few deep breaths and cunt to 10 before I hopped online. I knew I was going to voice my opinions but I needed that voice to be clear and concise vs loud and scattered. I had an issue during my morning commute that in my eyes highlighted some issues many of us in NYC have to deal with.

**click here for the 1st in the series of tweets from earlier**

What I had to remind myself is that this is not just me screaming in my own head other people will see this. Prospective clientele and associates will see this. Even in my anger I have to get across a level of professionalism. I don’t want people I may do business with in the future thinking “wow he’s unstable and if I do the slightest thing wrong he’ll try to embarrass me online.” From a professional standpoint you rant publicly to bring attention to a wrong. Ideally it is a wrong that has afflicted others. You complaining about something that is 100% unique to you is ok but when it’s something you know a vast number of people experience than you’re no longer just ranting but you’re the voice of the people.

Rant Rules

  1. You’re probably mad at a number of things so focus on 1-2 core points. If it’s customer service stay on that don’t jump to everything that this brand has done to bother you.
  2. Don’t insult or name call. Express the issue without crossing the line of respect. This gives you credibility and will entice people to really listen to you.
  3. Restate your core issue in a manner that lets the offending party know what you expect as acceptable service. You may or may not get a reply but stating what you expect gives the brand a direction to go in if they are listening.
  4. Overall keep it direct and not too long. No one is going to read you posting for 40 mins straight over this. Get in, say what you need to say and get back out.

It’s not all peaches and cream on these Internets. I know some people may be scratching their heads about this post but trust me when I say a number of people out there need this. Some personalities aren’t built to keep quiet, so if you’re dead set on venting to the digital world then the next best thing is to make sure you don’t say anything you’ll regret later.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai





The New Face of NYC’S Hip Hop Party Scene – “Greatest Day Ever”

The New Face of NYC’S Hip Hop Party Scene – “Greatest Day Ever”

Greatest Day Ever

This past Saturday an amazing event took place in Brooklyn. It was appropriately titled “Greatest Day Ever.” It was a collaborative function from a number of the power players who are reshaping New York City’s social landscape. Hip Hop is an ever evolving culture and the way many of us came up enjoying this culture has changed as well. Some changes have been for the better like the growth of venues and locations accepting Hip Hop overall. On the other hand many changes recently have been for the worse like the VIP only element that squeezes many out of the picture.. The forces behind Greatest Day Ever decided to bring the true element of the party back to the people. Meet the newest movements to move with. Hennypalooza, Brunch Bounce, APT78, Suave Haus & World Famous.

If you fall into that mid 20’s to early 30’s age range you find your self in an interesting position. You’re old enough to not want to party with the wilder often more reckless younger crowds, yet you’re not in a rush to attend events you’re aunts, uncles and parents would frequent. NYC is known worldwide for its social  scene. No matter the interest or taste there is something for everyone. Hip Hop came up from house and block parties to lounges and clubs that celebrated its national and international growth. You could come as you are, enjoy the music you loved with like-minded people and all was good. Then the changes started to occur.

Greatest Day Ever
The early arrivals

The truth is that Hip Hop is born of the streets and with it comes certain elements that aren’t always conducive to a great party. Suddenly the party started to become more dangerous, the door security rivaled a TSA search and the stress of looking out for trouble wasn’t worth attending. This then resulted in other venues featuring Hip Hop for its mass appeal and cool factor but being highly selective if not blatantly discriminatory towards who it let into it’s parties. Slowly but surely the classic Hip Hop spot was becoming extinct. You either have the hood party or the overly priced dress code and selective entrance party. And should you find a nice space off the radar you would hope and pray not too many people learn of it. It reached a point that we stopped looking for large Hip Hop events. Give us a small lounge, cheap drinks and a DJ on that 90’s music and we’re good.

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TGIF: Your Social Media Samurai’s Secret Summer Assignment – UBERICECREAM *Updated*

TGIF: Your Social Media Samurai’s Secret Summer Assignment UBERICECREAM *Updated*


Yeah have fun saying that post title 3 times fast. Summer time is in full swing and today I’ll be a part of fun campaign in the streets of NYC!!! Actually this campaign is bigger then just NYC as you’ll soon learn. What I need for you all to do is stay tuned to my social media platforms locations throughout the day. Make sure you follow the links below as I will be giving the vital info via a combination of FB, Twitter, IG & Foursquare. A big day is on deck so here is the announcement!!!!!


  • Ice Cream will be available on Friday, July 18th.

  • To request, choose the Ice Cream option in the app. If a vehicle is available, you’ll be enjoying your deserts in minutes.

  • No cash needed—your order will be billed to your Uber account.

Demand will be very high and availability limited.

Be a part of the #UberIceCream community worldwide—share your refreshing experience on Twitter and Instagram!

If you’re not on UBER SIGN UP NOW!!!!

 **UPDATE – Check out the Images from the Worldwide 144 City #UberIceCream Campaign after the Jump**


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Nivea Provides Relief for Dry NYC Winters

#DRNIVEA Provides Relief for Dry NYC Winters

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric Community®. This Shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their clients. #Cbias #Shop #DRNIVEA

#DRNIVEA #shop

As the leafs turn from green to yellow to orange and finally brown as they fall from the trees through the Northeast, we all prepare for the approaching winter season. Pulling out our  heavy layers of clothing we know that one of the classic elements of the season is the cold dry air and chill inducing winds. Personally its a fact of life in New York that by the time that my thoughts turn to Thanksgiving I have to change-up a few of the things I do while conducting my business. Hard skin and chapped lips are not the way to make good impressions when meeting people. Fortunately NIVEA products at Duane Reade offer quite a few solutions to this issue.

#DRNIVEA #shop

During my most recent visit to Duane Reade I picked up a bottle of NIVEA Extended moisture body lotion and their Vanilla Lip Butter. I’m not sure how recently they revamped the bottle because for the price I paid I would have expected less than 16 oz.  Yes, as a dark skin man dry skin results in the most unacceptable visible condition of being “ashy” so I’ve purchased a fair share of lotion in my lifetime. In addition to that I know what I’m getting with NIVEA as a brand overall. I’m not going to use these products post shower and then worry about needing more by the time I’m dressed to step out.

#DRNIVEA #shop

The other thing I need to address is size and mobility. NIVEA’s lip butters come pocket-sized already so from home to office to happy hour you’re covered but even for a guy my size I’m not carrying a full bottle of lotion around with me all day. Thankfully your friendly neighborhood Duane Reade had the answer. In their travel section you can purchase empty TSA approved bottles that you can fill and refill with what you need.  No matter where life takes me be it foreign or domestic I now have a much more convenient sized bottle for my NIVEA Lotion. After having a number of my lotions seized when going through airports this was really an overdue pickup.

#DRNIVE #shop

The Social Media Samurai official Winter Travel bundle Passport w/ Travel Wallet & #DRNIVEA Lip Butter & Lotion

With that I will be perfectly prepared to battle the cold that attempts to keep me from my social duties. Considering you have an unlimited number of Duane Reade’s to visit there is no reasonable excuse for dry skin!! Truth be told the shelves were looking pretty empty so load up while you can via #DRNIVEA. To add a nice cherry on top there is a #DRNIVEA contest underway on Facebook for a shot at a New Year’s Eve Experience in Time Square!!

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai

Summer Weekend with The Samurai!!!

Summer Saturday with The Samurai!!!


I thought my serious socializing event days were long behind me but as it would appear the nature of the events have simply upgraded over the years. Gone is the need to be out till 4am in the morning. I’ll take the early afternoon affairs as a nice change of pace. I’ve seen a big increase in the Brunch movement this Summer and it’s time that the Samurai introduce himself to the scene. This weekend you have two great Brunch options brought to you by MRA Productions.

See details After the Jump!!

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