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Macys Launches New NYC Men’s Store

Macys Launches New NYC Men’s Store – #MacysMensNYC


Let’s be honest. When you first mention shopping to me I think of women. Women statistically spend more time and money and understandably retailers put more focus on the female shopper to get them in those stores as often as possible. It was because of this that I was pleasantly surprised when I received an invite to the opening of Macy’s new men’s store in Herald’s Square. This wasn’t just a simple store opening with a few discounts sprinkled around. Teamed up with GQ magazine Macy’s threw a full on men’s geared event with live models (which the ladies enjoyed), DJ provided music, open bar, grooming stations and more. It was one of the best major retail events I’ve ever been to.

MacysMensNYC (31)

The event kicked off at 6:30pm so it was perfectly timed for that after work crowd to do a little shopping and relax a bit. I helped myself to a few screwdrivers (orange juice and vodka) while browsing the store. The Holiday shopping season is already in effect and I saw a number of things I’ll be returning to Macys to pick up. What really sold me on the night were the men’s specialized stations placed throughout the store via GQ mag. If you’re a men of the old school mind-set that certain levels of grooming are not “manly” then this event wasn’t for you. There were areas for eyebrow grooming and manicure work which had the longest lines all night. Along with that there was a tie tying professional giving tutorials on various knots and a live cigar roller as well. I helped myself to 2 fresh cigars courtesy of Cigar Flavors and I stopped to get a much needed manicure done.

They don’t happen that often but events like this are great and equally needed to let men know their enjoyment as well as their money is appreciated. Something I heard many times last night was other women saying how nice it was to have a retail experience they could share with a guy.

Salute to Macy and GQ magazine for this and I’d definitely direct folk to check out the Herald’s Square Macys men’s store for themselves. For more images from the night visit my Google + album and make sure you follow me on Twitter at @Trueomeganexus.


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