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Milestone Summer – Family Ties

Milestone Summer – Family Ties


Already this summer may go down as one of the most eventful periods in my life. It started out with me celebrating the first birthday of my son Max. Not to be outdone, the following weekend I saw my brother become a husband. Witnessing the marriage of my little brother, as his best man, in front of our family was probably one of the most emotional moments of my life. So between that and the one-year celebration of my son, it’s been quite a summer thus far. With that said there’s been a lot of reflection a lot of introspective days just thinking about where I am where my family has come from and where we’re going. Knowing everything that emotionally struck me when I found out I was about to be a father to where I am today has been quite a path traveled.

Max Turns 1!!!!

With that said there’s been a lot of reflection, a lot of introspective days just thinking about where I am where my family has come from and where we’re going. Knowing everything that emotionally struck me when I found out I was going to be a father to be where I am today is a major step. In conjunction with that seeing where my brother is at has made me so happy and so proud of everything that he has accomplished.

Interestingly enough, the announcement to my parents that I would be expecting a child and the announcement from my brother that his girlfriend had accepted his proposal all happened within the same November week back in 2015. So to have the wedding and Max’s birthday fall within a week of each other was kind of interesting and pretty cool. I say that now as I think back to the same younger brother who I used to play video games with, play ninja tag and get into fights with, to now seeing him as a grown man and myself now as a father is just a testament to the power of family.

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I have always said that nothing matters more to me and nothing is more important than family. It is a foundation that not only holds me together in some of my weaker moments but is the foundation that I plan on building and raising my son upon. It’s something that I’m still trying to capture in words right now, where I am where the time has gone and yet almost feeling like we are all at a point of new beginnings. I’m in the early stages of life within Parenthood and now my brother is embarking on the journey of marriage. It really is a brand new world. I look forward to what it will mean for him and I look forward to the life that I’m going to craft out for myself and my son.





Is It Daddy Samurai Time?

Is It Baby Time For The Samurai?


One of the pillars of this site regardless of the business it fosters is that it is still a platform for me to share my thoughts and views on life. People ask why I go so hard at what I do and I often say that for me I have no other option. My parents still work full-time jobs and I have no kids. This plays into 2 of my 3 main life goals. The first is to put myself in a position to live a life on my own professional terms. In turn this will lead to goal #2, me providing my parents the life I want them to have…the life they deserve for raising my brother and me right. The final goal is to be in a position to bring a child into this world who will at the very least have the quality of life growing up that I had. And to be fully completely honest, in a perfect world I’d have a child by now and hopefully it won’t be too long before that happens.

Understand that I’m not in a rush to start a family. I don’t have any internal clocks ticking and if I just wanted to pop kids out just for the sake of it I could. I’m single and perfectly fine with that. I see that life is directing me in a path different then where I thought I’d be at 32 approaching 33. Fortunately I still feel like I’m in my 20’s. Never the less I see the bigger picture of life and it most definitely includes kids. People that know me, over the years, have asked me if I have an issue with kids. It’s not that I have an issue with kids but I had an issue with seeing kids born into struggle that they didn’t ask for. I have an issue with kids born to losers that are male by physical make up but clearly are  not men. I can’t allow myself to do that. It would be a personal failure.

I wont get off track onto that topic but after a few conversations I felt the need to just express that. You blink an eye and years have flown by. I remember when my cousin Yasmine was born and was just a baby now she’s 1 year away from college and one of the best volley ball players on the East Coast might I add. Now I see my cousin raising her son and her request that I be god father of baby Jordan is something I take very serious.

Everything happens in its proper time but yes I do look forward to the day I have a little jr samurai or lady ninja is crawling around. All I do is for my family present and future….

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