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The dog days of summer have arrived and what better way to beat the heat then to get down to the shore and enjoy the ocean breeze. That was the game plan and the destination was Ocean City, MD. For this mini vacation I got to take an early peek into 2017 with Hyundai’s Elantra Eco. Packed full of food, clothes and a ton of baby items, it was another digital daddy experience as baby Max went on his first vacation.

I’m really a fan of the Elantra’s appearance. The wide, aggressive grill design gives this car such an eye-catching look on top of the sleek Black paint job. Fitted with 17 inch wheels Hyundai excels at creating a simple yet striking style. Hop in the car and you get comfy seating that includes heating options for the cooler months. A/C operates with dual zone control so both the driver and up front passenger can control their respective climate. I have to say that for a compact car the seating felt wider which really improved my riding.

In riding down to Ocean City every inch of trunk space and them some was put to use. My lifestyle is constant motion so being able to hold the things I need for business and personal really matters. In addition to that, the amount of material that was in the car over all didn’t affect the ride at all. The Elantra rode nice and smooth all the way down to O.C. Even when a bad thunder-storm hit wet road control was top-notch.

For 2017, you get a ton of mobile integration with many of your most used apps via Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™

To keep myself  entertained there are the expected assortment of feature. SiriusXM, Bluetooth, Aux and USB ports give you all the means to enjoy your tunes of choice. In addition to that there are some cool mobile connectivity options for your respective phones. Check out the features for AppleCarPlay & Android Auto.

Safety has always been the top matter to me regarding any #SamuraiRide.  Those vehicle elements matter that much more to me now that I have the most precious cargo, my son riding along now. Hyundai’s Elantra offers you Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross-traffic alerts and Lane Departure Alerts. This offers a trustworthy field of added safety for things you can’t always see around you while on the road. And while there are a lot of features included to prevent it, accidents unfortunately still happen. The Elantra comes equipped with 6 front airbags, included a newly added bag for the drivers knee area, in addition to full side airbags. With everything that goes on around you on the road do I feel safe in the Elantra? The answer is yes. More importantly do I feel safe when I place my son in this car? Yes I do.

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Within the economy class of cars Hyundai has made a lot of strides and continues to deliver in performance, style and safety. The roads are full of excited, sometimes speeding, vacationers and you really want to enjoy yourself without worrying about your ride.

OCMAXI’d definitely suggest the Elantra as  a solid option for anyone looking for a new ride that gives you a good bang for your buck. As the new year steadily approaches  2017 Elantra is a nice sign of what Hyundai has in store. It passed Max’s test of approval too.


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