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OutKast Coachella Reunion x NAS x JAYZ x Pharrell & More [Full Sets]

OutKast Coachella Reunion [Full Set]


Happy Saturday!!! Dropping a little weekend wonderment for you all. As many of you are aware of, the Hip Hop legends Outkast set off a summer of festival appearances at the annual Coachella music event last night. For those of you, myself included, that couldn’t get out there here is the FULL Outkast performance for you to enjoy.

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Everything Really Is Bigger In Texas!!! SXSW Samurai Recap

Everything Really Is Bigger In Texas!!! SXSW Samurai Recap


24 hours of being back in NY and yes I’m glad to be home from my week long SXSW experience. Over the next few days you’ll be getting various types of SXSW related content on my various social media networks. The Interactive festival is that large and that full of business and innovation that I’ve spent most of today diving into it all. As I’ve sat here separating and prioritizing all this information I have to say that I have new appreciation for the South By South West experience. While it was not my first time there, it was the most business related agenda I’ve ever had while attending. Seeing it from that professional side of the spectrum allows for a whole different level of understanding. You don’t just enjoy it but you notice what differentiates one brand from another. You pick up on what works and what doesn’t.

SXSW has so much of a social/party element infused into it that it takes more concentration then you may think to get a true return on your investment. Yet while the drinks seemed limitless and the food options grow with every street you turn onto there truly was a ton of great business going on throughout downtown Austin. From the Start Up Crawl to the exhibition show to the various sessions and tutorials the information that you could take in was high. While I personally am I social media guy in terms of communications across these various sites, I also met a number of people who were in town to introduce new apps and potential new apps. The tech start up scene in Austin is serious but being around that much creative energy cant help but fuel your own drive to succeed. There are a few people I’ll be keeping my eye on to see if they can make their dreams materialize. 


As SXSW has grown many lament the presence of so many larger mainstream corporations. I can see and understand that thinking yet unless you live and breathe SXSW or are that deep entrenched in the business I don’t see corporate presence as a bad thing. It’s growth and expansion. The truth is that regardless of if its SXSW, on YouTube or any other platform, indies and majors are all pushing for our attention. This is just the reality of our world. Yet I feel that talent and drive always gets it’s due in the end. That’s  not even speaking of the personalities that came to address the people like Nas, Sean Combs and Nick Cannon. That type of engagement is priceless.

Preview of the SXSW x SOFLOB Event

SXSW was an amazing time and a great way to celebrate a birthday while expanding my professional brand. I’m already making notes for next year. We’ll be doing things that much bigger in 2015. Thanks again to Collective Bias for the believing in me to spend me out to Austin, thanks to AIO Wireless keeping my connected via their ZTE tablet, Thanks to Ms Donnet Bruce for having me speak at her event and  thanks to all of Nomadness for the support over the entire week.


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Baggage Claim Debuts at Urban World Film Fest

Baggage Claim Debuts at Urban World Film Festival

Movie Baggage Claim

Following the first successful evening at Urban World Digital the next evening I had the pleasure of taking in the premiere showing of David Talbert’s Baggage Claim. Attending the event with me were Nomadness Tribe members Evita Robinson and Ms Kelly P (check them out in the Arise TV video on the right side of the screen). After the film’s cast did their red carpet and media bit we were all seated for the show.

We were addressed by the Director Mr David Talbert who spoke briefly on his intentions with the movie and his road traveled to get here. I must say that being a part of an international traveling collective, this story of a woman looking for love across the nation is definitely an art imitates life experience for the many within the Nomadness Tribe. Without going into movie details I can say that Paula Patton’s character delivers on that light-hearted carefree persona we’ve come to expect. In my personal opinion Ms Jill Scott stole the show with a funny, lively, sassy character that is quite a change from previous roles.

Film Cast

It was a nice movie to see and I hope folk get out and support. Nothing wrong with a movie based around the classic concept of love conquering all. Upon the movie’s completion the main cast gathered on stage for a little Q & A session. It was here where the real worth of the evening was delivered. Many people overlook or under credit many black projects. They box them into a limited field and act as if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Last night’s viewing was taking place as the opening for the Urban World Film Festival. The theatre was filled with actors, actresses, directors, videographers and entrepreneurs of all types. These are people. myself included who face obstacles that many others don’t. We deal with an industry that quickly writes us off and attempts to limit our access to resources and opportunities. Seasoned actress and comedian Jennifer Lewis made sure that there would be on shortage of support and motivation in the building. She repeated to us the need to find your personal passion, pursue it 100% and to never forget that anything we want we can have. Period. When you spend your days dream chasing while trying to not get too overwhelmed by the finances, stress and all those other life issues, its great to get that positive reinforcement from some one that’s done it.

That’s what I take most from gatherings like this. It’s not to compete with my brothers and sisters. There is room for us all but we need to see each other succeed and advance. Your win is a win for me too. Those that learn how to embrace and channel that collective energy will always be in the game. The path will be difficult but as Ms Lewis said, “You don’t want that fast success…”


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