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Chris Rocks Top 5 Hip Hop Round Table

Chris Rocks Top 5 Hip Hop Round Table


We all do it. In barber shops, in the gym, in the car. Anywhere that a conversation be held, Hip Hop fans have discussed, compared and had to defend their Top 5 MCs. Does your personal Top 5 Hip Hop artists include staples like Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac and Nas? Or do you assemble a list of those artists that hold a special place in your heart but might not make sense to others.

With his movie of the same name about to hit theaters nationwide, Chris Rock puts to together quite a powerhouse round table of NY media personalities to share their 5. Ed Lover, Angie Martinez, Miss Info, Shaheem Reid, Jayson Rodriguez, Datwon Thomas and Rock’s Top 5 co-star Rosario Dawson make up the all-star collective.

Check out the discussion as everyone shares their respective lists the reason these artists stand top to them courtesy of Revolt TV.





Rare1995 Biggie Smalls Documentary – UK

Rare1995 Biggie Smalls Documentary – UK


The Internets are always turning up rare gems from our youth. As the Internets chat back and forth about Hip Hop in NY it seems like a great time to share a glimpse back at NY’s King during his climb to greatness. Nearly 20 years later we get a short documentary originally recorded by Passengers, a youth-orientated show on Channel 4 in the UK we get a look at Biggie during the period after his debut Ready to Die has sold over 2 million copies.

We’ll see all the expected central figures as Biggie touches on the pressing hip hop issue of the mid 90’s . Enjoy

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