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I can’t think of a better way to wrap up my year than in Miami returning to Art Basel. Last year I wasn’t able to make it down as I was preparing to enter Digital Daddyhood but now I’m back and I’m blessed to have my little buddy on the road with me too even if Max may not remember it. But I knew as soon as I confirmed that I was going to be down here I had to get a new little toy to run the Florida streets and without fail, the 2018 Mazda CX-3 was on deck for the weekend. I was sad that I didn’t have a longer stretch of time to really put this vehicle through its paces but for the weekend that I was there,  it did everything that I needed and then some.

Making my way from Fort Lauderdale International I picked up the 2018 CX-3 and made my way right to Lynwood for my first of many art exhibits for the weekend. Without fail, Mazda’s sleek design and easy on-road handling were apparent on the wide Florida highways.

One of the features that I tried for the first time while syncing up my phone via Bluetooth was using my Google assistant and word command more than I ever had before. The hands-free efficiency was recognized immediately. Locking in my residence for the weekend along with the important locations that I had to touch base with while I was in Miami was very easy to enter and save in the navigation system.


As you may know from previous reviews I have been fortunate enough to try out all of the Mazda crossovers over the past 2-3 years. In getting a glimpse of what they have in store for 2018 I don’t have any doubt that they will continue to lead the pack as one of the top SUV crossover producers.

CX 3 Features

As you can see in the images below Mazda has perfected having sleek laid-back design combined with incredibly detailed luxurious interior layout. The finely stitched leather trim in gives these Mazda rides a sort of race car design and feel that makes you want to step on the accelerator a little harder. But, if you get tempted to do such a thing don’t fret because Mazda comes complete with its package of safety notifications to keep you from going too wild on the road.

Obviously, this is one of a series of vehicles in the Mazda CX line. The 3 is the smallest of the vehicles in the series but even with that being the case, the majority of my travel this weekend was solo so I had more than enough space once I reclined my seat. Just make sure you’re not sitting behind me. In any case, I had no complaints with Mazda’s latest creation. It was fast, efficient, easy on my pockets when I had to go to the gas station sounded, the audio was powerful and kicked when I needed to ride with my son I felt confident and safe that he was in great hands.

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Mazda does it again so take a look at some of the images above of the vehicle and some of the incredible art below that Miami had on display during Art Basel this past year I will be back again.

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