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2017 Social Media Cheat Sheet

2017 Social Media Cheat Sheet


The new year is underway and as you set out to execute your business plans it’s always nice to look over your presence online and make sure your business is being represented to the best of its abilities. From the proper dimensions on your profile images to the ideal time to post content, there is a science to this digital world. Fresh from the good people at SWM. Here’s a convenient cheap sheet you can cross reference your activity with to get the most out of all the major platforms. Just hit the jump for the full sheet.

You’ll also want to check out this collection of apps and tools that will add tons of value to your social media activity. I use more than half of these tools and can vouch for them. See the link at the end of the jump.

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Social Media Samurai App Review: Special UAE Edition Careem Car Service

Social Media Samurai App Review: Special Edition UAE Careem Car Service


There are few basic things I need in place to travel effectively. Give me shelter, food, communication and transportation. The first 3 are usually pretty consistent. You set up a place to stay, food is everywhere and communication is in our pockets. Transportation can be tricky though. Buses, Trains & Subways vary from city to city and no one wants to walk around staring at a map all day. During my recent time in Abu Dhabi and Dubai I was introduced  to Careem. Careem is essentially the UAE equivalent to Uber.

The functionality of the app is very familiar to those that use Uber. You get your ETA and fare quotes along with info on your driver and vehicle. One feature that was quite useful was the advanced ride booking. Beyond the ability to call a ride now, you can schedule a pick up for at least 2 hours

Learn more after the jump including a special Etihad offering for future Careem rides.

Get AED 30 when you sign up with this link: http://careem.com/signup/93TGZCWCKA

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Moleskine Spring 2015 Preview & Batman Limited Edition Series Collabo

Moleskine Spring 2015 Preview & Batman Limited Edition Series Collabo


I had the pleasure of attending a special presentation of Moleskine’s latest product  collections at their new Union Square store. It was a great opportunity to check the new device cases, designer bags, their new note books and connective technology.

Two things told out to me that I was personally unaware of. Moleskine’s has a very deep and very classically themed series of limited editions note book designs that include images paying homage to many cult and comic fixtures. From the Simpsons to The Hobbit to Stars Wars many of our favorites have linked up with Moleskine to create special collective offerings. The big surprise at this event was the early preview of the Batman Limited Editions that will release to the public on April 2nd!! The imagery is inspired by the acclaimed graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns and limited to an exclusive set of 5000.



Batman_collection_3_347 Batman_collection_347

**Visit Moleskine for more Batman Info & the Creativity Challenge**

So now your got a sick Moleskine notebook to sketch and write in, all is good right? Yes but it gets better. Moleskine allows you to bridge the gap between hard copy and digital content with a number of application/program partnerships.


The popular Evernote program has a special series of notebooks with sensory points on the pages that allow you to write your notes then upload them in clear digital format by just taking a picture of it. Through small Smart Stickers you can tag your notes so once uploaded they have various additional functions. Imagine automatic email notifications from your planner or easily shared plans to friends. The connection is quite a powerful tool to have.


This extends to Adobe which has a similar application connection for it’s own line of sketch pads. Give your creations life from 2d drawings to full vector images.

Draw by hand, use the Companion App to sync your files to the Creative Cloud and immediately open your image in Adobe Photoshop® CC or Adobe Illustrator® CC for refinement.

With all the growing functionality of the Moleskine notebooks you’ll want to keep your items well protected and secure. The new line of bags and carry cases on deck for spring don’t lack in the variety department. From messenger bags to briefcases and back packs. You have a sleek series of items with numerous pockets and compartments to hold everything you need to take on your travels. All with a very clean style and appearance.


Just adding my personal 2 cents here but this Moleskine briefcase is my new travel buddy. It gives me a nice business option vs the more casual cases and bags I usually move around with.


Check them out and I’m sure you’ll see something that sparks your interest.