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It seems that every and all things comes down to communication. What you say, how you say it and in my case who you elect to say it too. I’ve always viewed information as selective. Everything isn’t for everyone to know and I would base this on my own personal check list of criteria. What is the overall value of this info, does it relate directly to the person I’d be telling it too, is the info complete in itself or part of something larger I may not want to share at this time, is this something that makes me happy? That’s just an example of what runs through my head both personally and professionally when I express myself. In a time when it seems that a majority of people express themselves first then think about it later I’m definitely part of the “Think twice, press send button once” crowd. For the most part it’s a communication method that has served me well.

Yet, there are still lessons to be learned. In personal matters I’m extremely tight-lipped with things until I’m ready to share. It’s a way that many don’t always get/like but it’s what works for me so I honestly don’t need it to make sense to others.  When I’m not happy I play things really close to the chest. When I am happy I don’t want to mess things up by talking about it too much. It’s an internal balance for me and I can admit that in trying to reach that balance I’m not usually worried about other people’s view on it. I’m a guy that overall doesn’t like to waste words so that has resulted in folks not hearing what they think they should.

I’m learning that’s not always the best way to approach things. As much as I speak to the power of family, friends and community, I am realizing that my cause is better served by having more faith in the people I trust to react well to whatever it is I have to share. Even if the initial reactions aren’t that positive, the result of having more open communication in the end will show who truly is down for supporting me.

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There is no blueprint to this thing called life. You’re going to get thrown an array of things you may have no idea how to handle and your best bet is that you make sure that with each passeing situation you handle it better than the one before it. I’m committing myself to that level of improvement. Wish me good luck.





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The Fresh Face Of Fatherhood

The Fresh Face Of Fatherhood


At the time I’m writing this, I am 22 days into my role of dad. It’s a drop in the Fatherhood bucket as I think to the 35 years that my Father has put in thus far. You hear people talk about what makes a Father and how it feels to be a Father but I can honestly now say I had no clue until it happened. I don’t mean that in some magical incomprehensible way. It’s more like a new set of senses and feelings suddenly turn on that you never had to use before.

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