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Over the years I’ve aided many in getting their businesses on point in regards to online presence via social media. As the inquiries and private conversations have increased I have decided to offer my services  to the people on a more public scale. I specialize in helping fellow entrepreneurs improve their digital business models.  Now is the time to engage your target market like never before.

If you’re looking to increase your utilization of social media, create digital marketing strategies and further promote your business let me assist you. Get an initial consultation to discuss your current position and your desired goals.

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Evita Robinson (Public Speaker/Consultant/Personality) – Jason Francis has helped the Nomadness Travel Tribe over the last three years. He is efficient in executing social media strategies and campaigns that the Nomadness team originate for the group of over 8,000 international travelers, across our Instagram and Twitter platforms. He is the lead on our monthly Twitter Chat series, entitled #NMDN, and hosts the online event as well as solidifying guest participants.

Jay Berg (Business Development Coordinator at Collective Bias) – I have had the pleasure of working with Jason several times over the last year, and he has always come through for me. He has helped us build the Duane Reade VIP Blogger Team and that has helped us sell the team’s services to brands sold at Duane Reade. It is no coincidence that P&G had him join them at the Super Bowl last year as their guest.

When I am in need of someone who can “deliver the goods” I know I can count on Jason

Deborah Mitchell (CEO/Founder, Deborah Mitchell Media Associates – I am pleased to endorse Jason Francis, as a social media consultant. I recently worked with Jason during the important 2014 November television rating sweeps period. He was hired by my company Deborah Mitchell Media Associates to assist in managing the daily social media postings for a newly launched nationally syndicated court show.

Jason’s knowledge of social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and social media analytics and metrics was key in implementing the strategy used to expand and increase the show’s viewership on all platforms. While I worked directly with Jason, our team worked closely to meet the program’s daily eastern and pacific time posting deadlines.

Jason was always readily accessible, organized, efficient and easy to work with during the project. I am sure that when it comes to social media management Jason Francis will be an asset to any team.

Roger Reece (Author)Jason Francis is a bright, articulate, concise young talent with progressive ideas. He’s adaptable, able to evolve as circumstances warrant. He’s goal-oriented, intensely driven, educated, creative and well-rounded. Jason is the consummate professional in today’s fast-paced, information-driven business culture and would be a valuable asset to any professional organization.

Keisha Dutes (Media Personality) – Jason Francis is a professional within the social media realm. He is thoughtful about his posts and double checks resources which is severely lacking in (social) media these days. I can rest assured that his posts are high quality and timely. I would call on Mr. Francis for assistance with my campaigns anytime.

Marc J Kelly (CEO & NYU Stern Faculty) – Jason Francis is by far one of my favorite marketing professionals in the digital space. He has a strong understanding of what matters in social media, from metrics, and trend analysis, to concepts that brands truly should focus on such as influence and engagement. As a fellow marketing professional, I typically use Jason as a sounding board when I am developing and piloting new marketing strategies and concepts.

Jason always has a great perspective on what the pulse of the digital marketing landscape is and where it is going. Because of these things, I have invited Jason as a guest speaker to talk to my Digital Marketing classes at NYU and also have recently contracted him as the Head of Digital Marketing for my business, Mr. Refined Magazine. Jason is a great asset to any organization, entrepreneur or business that is looking to compete, strategize or develop a presence in the digital space. I highly recommend doing business with him, have done business with him, in addition to having referred multiple business opportunities to him and I will continue to do so.

Lauryn Doll (Author/Digital Marketing Professional)  – Jason is THE go-to guy for social media marketing and connections. Ever since our connection in 2005, Jason’s demonstrated an inexplicably sophisticated understanding of human dynamics and interaction in the digital realm.

Another thing – He’s literally Mr. 6 Degrees of Separation. I would attribute approximately 50% of my most intimate network connections through Jason alone. His ability to read people for who they are is unnerving and exciting. Unnerving if you thrive on mystery; exciting if you’re open to powerful connections. When J’ADORE needed a writer, he found EvieRobbie (now the founder of Nomadness). When Goddess Intellect needed a panelist for her show, he connected us – and now we’re great friends. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, chances are, somewhere, somehow, Jason Francis is connected to you without your conscious knowing – once you figure out how, it’s a pleasant surprise to experience.

Telisha Ng (Author/Relationship Consultant) – I have worked extensively with Jason on various digital media projects within the past few years. I am most impressed with his ability to build and sustain relationships online and off, create quality content for a diverse range of topics as well as remain a strong influence amongst industry peers.

Dr. Vibe (Host and Producer – Award Winning “The Dr. Vibe Show”) – Jason’s charisma, resourcefulness and strong team working skills prompted me to approach him to co-host an online radio show as well as collaborate repeatedly on various projects. I highly recommend Jason for management of large social media campaigns and branding initiatives, he is professional, positive and an impactful communicator.

I have had the pleasure of having Jason as a regular guest on The Dr. Vibe Show since July 2012. Jason has always provided educational, empowering, enlightening and encouraging commentary on every show that he has participated in. His expertise with social media has helped a number of the guests that have appeared on The Dr. Vibe Show.

If you would like to have your social media efforts move in the right direction, Jason is the man!!
Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai

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