On this page you will find those business entities that I an personally partnered and affiliated with. Stop by regularly to see just what I’m involved in behind the blog.


The Nomadness Travel Tribe

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The Tribe, created by Evita Robinson and stemming from her travel series Nomad·ness TV, is an urban, travel, online social community of over 4,000 members. We’re the edgy, under represented demo in the international travel industry, and we’ve formed our own Tribe. In the invitation-only platform, we share stories, advice, photos and conversation about our personal experiences around the world. We are the new age travel movement!


Deborah Mitchell Media Associates


Welcome to Deborah Mitchell Media Associates where our goal is to share your message with the world. Today your messages are being shared via traditional media as well as social media and we can help you engage your audience in every way.

Led by a seasoned multimedia producer, the company’s skilled team works with clients to organize, coordinate and execute their vision for television, live events or an online presence by incorporating social media. With a deep interest and experience working with the culinary talents, Deborah Mitchell Media Associates excels at grooming chefs for on-air television and social media branding.


Ascended: The Omega Nexus


Imagine you wake up one day to discover that your life is a lie. Your existence, as you know it, is a fabrication to hide from the world what you really are—a living weapon capable of mass destruction. You further discover that the people who created you are now poised to overthrow the government. But first they must find you and fifty others like you scattered throughout the United States in order to complete their mission. With no place to run or hide, you are now faced with the task of stopping them. This has become Ty Slade’s new reality in the science fiction thriller Ascended: The Omega Nexus.

The story that led to the creation of The Omega Nexus is a great example of the enduring pursuit of the American dream. The Omega Nexus was created by brothers Roger and Jerry Reece as children, during the early 1980s. Soon after immigrating to the United States from Barbados.

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