Chasing Muscle Perfection…..Bigorexia Disorder

Chasing Muscle Perfection…..The Disorder

Mind Muscle Matter

For the better part of my youth I was tall and skinny and while I never had a major self esteem issue beyond what most young adults go through, I did know that by high school I wanted to be bigger. I didn’t want muscle head status but for my 6’4 height I felt I needed more. This would kick in more toward the end of high school into college as I got more into weight lifting and started understanding more about the effect of my diet. I found a comfort zone of size that worked for me and I’ve maintained it pretty consistently over the past decade. It would appear that a growing number of men though aren’t finding themselves too happy with what they see in the mirror these days. While, many people generally may obsess on getting smaller, the need to get bigger and max out muscle growth is on the rise among men , with potentially dangerous results.

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Toronto Takeover

Toronto Takeover


With Caribana tunes and memories still dancing in my mind I have no shame in proclaiming the love I have for the city of Toronto. Great friends, cool environment, clean and always active with events of all kinds. August is coming to the close and as I look towards September I notice that my folk up top are setting the month up to keep you busy and properly occupied.

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We Are Here For You Women If You Allow Us

We Are Here For You Women If You Allow Us



The past week has been a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions as I observed my people. The women of the Internets were a force to be reckoned with as I saw the topic of sexism & misogyny take hold of the twitterverse and blogosphere. Whether its images of women journalists being made to sit on the floor  in Iran or the tasteless attempt at comedy that was the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape, women on this earth get it from all angles. It hurts me and makes me ill. I don’t get it. I’ll never get the mentality that sees women as anything less than the male equal. Yes we are different, we work different, we often feel differently but we are two sides of the same coin and I won’t ever look down on you.

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Summer Weekend with The Samurai!!!

Summer Saturday with The Samurai!!!


I thought my serious socializing event days were long behind me but as it would appear the nature of the events have simply upgraded over the years. Gone is the need to be out till 4am in the morning. I’ll take the early afternoon affairs as a nice change of pace. I’ve seen a big increase in the Brunch movement this Summer and it’s time that the Samurai introduce himself to the scene. This weekend you have two great Brunch options brought to you by MRA Productions.

See details After the Jump!!

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Kendrick’s MC Wake Up Call…Who’s Listening?

Kendrick MC Wake Up Call…Who’s Listening?


By now everyone has heard the recent lyrical alarm sounded off by Cali’s lyrical torch-bearer Kendrick Lamar. The young MC decided to turn a Big Sean song called “Control” into his own personal sounding board for all those within the current crop of up and coming artists. In an age where few artists mention others by name and most look to avoid the confrontational nature that has been a staple within the genre, Mr Lamar said “Screw that!” Running off a list of the games current “new” artists Kendrick woke up the collective Hip Hop community with is unexpected attack.

Listen to Kendrick go off here *NSFW*

In the aftermath of this fury artists who have been on and off the mainstream radar are replying with “answer” tracks to the many claims young Kendrick made. Personally as a fan of lyrics and word play this is heaven to me just because I love the art of Rap. I get that some music has its place and all material doesn’t need to be super lyrical, but its nice to hear a certain level of skill again. Now, while a expect to see no immediate end to the reply songs, I hope that the bigger point raised by Kendrick Lamar does not get missed. This isn’t a one time call to action. It’s a self check on what you are doing and taking pride in the title of MC. This is a title that for as long as it has existed demanded you to bring your best and strive to be the best.

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The 2003 Blackout…When NY Went Dark

10 Years Later…Remembering When New York Went Black


It’s amazing to think that it’s been a decade since the North East Blackout that shut down power for approx 50 million people from NYC to Ontario. I couldn’t help but think back to where I was and more importantly who I was when that took place. So, much has changed yet so much is still the same. When the power first shut down that afternoon I was enjoying a care free day with my family out-of-town on vacation. I was working at Home Depot at the time and clearly the power outage resulted in an end of business but being a manager I drove down to see what was going on. Home Depot was NOT going to miss out on the opportunity to make money and they had back up generations on deck to facilitate sales of batteries, flashlights and other emergency supplies. It hadn’t sunk in yet just what was going on until I turned on the radio and heard that what I thought was a simple local power outage was actually a national event that had taken out the north-eastern corner of the nation. Now the level of worry started to kick in.

New York Blackout 2003


Remember that we are only 2 yrs removed from 9/11 so something of this scale and magnitude automatically gets a nervous reaction as we all waited for a cause. I started calling and checking on friends and family. MY Truck with a 3/4 tank of gas was no a mini HQ since I could move around, listen to the radio for updates and keep my phone charged. It was an odd feeling as night fall set in. It wasn’t a feeling of fear or nervousness but just the fact that this was something that doesn’t happen often and you knew it’d be  a memory you look back on. It was uncertainty that reigned that night. Would people do something to set off a more dangerous situation? Fortunately nothing of that nature went down.

I can admit the one person I would have wanted to be with at the time was not an option for a few reasons so I spent most of the Blackout time shooting the breeze with my boys. I do wonder how things would play out if that were to happen again. With a for great social network then I had back then I could imagine folk turning it into a party. But would Twitter and Facebook maintain through a blackout of that level? They served us well during Super storm Sandy so I’m sure the tweets resulting from that would be legendary. 1 night when you had to get by without the usual comforts of society. How would you fare?

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Work vs Career…..Own your Lane

Work vs Career…..Own your Lane


I’ve seen the image above in a few different styles and designs. The actual visual may vary but the message is the same or at least the general interpretation of it is the same. Avoid the rat race, don’t follow the advice of others if you’re not living an “exciting” life it’s all your folk. In the present day of growing entrepreneurship, start-ups and home based business, the allure of being your own boss is at an all time high. The desire to get away from the 9-5, behind the desk work mode is pushing many people to take chances and explore areas of life that many don’t wish to risk dealing with. I can respect this as I myself deal with the development and growth of personal business.

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Introduction to Me……Update

Introduction to Me……Update

From the Blog Closet Originally posted October 5th 2010

I’m aware that for many this their first real exposure to me in the blogging realm so that selection from the blog closet with a self Introduction post from a photo challenge in 2010. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know about me. I’ll add updates in Italics where applicable.


Basic Info + Q&A

Jason…Nightfall…..Blu Flame…..BlacC Yankee..etc…etc….

New Rochelle, NY

Antigua (West Indies)

6 ft 4 220 lbs

29 (now 32)

Music, comics, sports, fitness, writing/blogging

How do you deal with someone very close to you hurting you?
Stuck it up and move on with life…….I may have to take a few steps away from them depending on what was done and if this

What are you’re pet peeves?
Controllable double standards. I don’t like having expectations, rules or anything applied to me that same person is willing to accept.

Would you truly respect, value, and marry a woman like those you post in your weekly hump day blogs? Some claim to have morals and call themselves free spirits, they meditate, and are just sexual but what do you really think from a Christian perspective?
All cases vary on the person. I don’t judge until I’m given enough valid info to do so. Now in regards to hump day I’ve posted an array of female types depending on my mood.

Long story short yes I could respect and value them if their personalities are on point. When I used to promote I was around models, dancers, etc… and many were great people.

As far as marriage I honestly couldn’t say. A ton goes into marriage so it’s not impossible but depends on a number of variables.

Why do you never smile in any pictures?
lol.I dont know. It’s not intentional. (I’m still working on this)

Favorite drink? Favorite food?
Got a a few of those too. Cognac, Sex on the Beach, Call-a-Cab. Foods I’d say soul foods, Thai food, Spanish food.

Whats your favorite color? song? vacation spot?
Blue……I have a few fav. songs……………Miami and the Virgin Islands.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 yrs…um engaged or married…..maybe with a child. (I guess I have 2 yrs to make this happen huh? lol)

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Destination Toronto: Porter Airlines is the Only Way

Destination Toronto: Porter Airlines is the Only Way

Its Carnival season in many of the Caribbean islands and for the 2nd year in a row I celebrated the 1st weekend of August in Toronto for Caribana. There’s no shortage of island flavour in my home of New York but there is an interesting energy that I feel up north and I’m glad to be able to enjoy it. Caribana weekend was also reason to fly with Porter Airlines which over the past year has jumped to the top of my personal favorites list.


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Picasso – The Redefinition of Art???

Picasso – The Redefinition of Art???


Having returned home for an extended weekend celebrating Caribana I finally sat down to catch up on a few things. I caught some the Internets buzzing about this “Performance Art” video for “Picasso Baby”  that Jay-Z was dropping. We’re still in full Hov overload right now so I made it a point to wait before I watched this video. I’ve seen many folk react to it as a “Masterpiece” and others say they “can’t stand it.”  I guess its time to judge for myself as I once again navigate between extreme reactions.

I gave this video a few spins last night and truthfully its nice. It’s different in that it’s not video models, expensive cars and  liquor bottles on display as is he make up of most videos currently in rotation. But with that said I stop short of calling it ground breaking art. Hip Hop has always been a performance art. I see this as shout out to Hip Hops basic principals.

There was nothing wrong with the imagery of this video, but in my mind when I saw this I thought back to Nas’s classic “Nas Is Like” Set in the streets and various other locales of NY. Nas rhymes traditionally to the camera while interacting on the move with the people.

“Picasso” to me seems like the stationary, cleaned up safe version of that style. It’s almost like what would you get if you had Jay-Z over to rhyme at a baby shower. It’s closed, private with not much risk of problems. Again it was different and I think that combined with the marketing powerhouse that is Jay-Z is what makes this seem so grand. Could another artist do this and get the same artistic fanfare? If Lupe Fiasco or Pharoahe Monch did this would it still be heralded as great art or just a cool new video? It’s the power of perspective.

When something doesn’t strike me the way it strikes others I’m not going to bash it for the sake of a response. I want to gain something new from the possible conversation it can create. So from those more Artistic than myself whats so special (not different but special) about “Picasso Baby?”

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