Police Profiling And Disregard For Common Sense Leaves Unarmed Black Man Dead

Profiling And Disregard For Common Sense Leaves Unarmed Black Man Dead

Police kill crash survivor

Imagine getting into a horrible car crash, realizing that you have survived and are in good enough condition to go seek help. As you search for assistance you must be feeling a degree of thanks for the continuation of your life. Unfortunately in this instance the car wreck was far more gracious to Mr Jonathan Ferrell then those he would seek help from. This played out yesterday morning as the Ferrell having escaped his vehicle made his way to a nearby home for help. His knocks at the door were answered by the female homeowner. She assumed it was her husband and upon seeing Jonathan, who was obviously a stranger to her, who slammed the door on him and called 911.   Ferrell, according to reports, continued to try and get the woman’s attentions before leaving. I call this lack of common sense point #1.

Making his way from this home Ferrell encounters Police, who are responding to the 911 call. What follows is to make least of common sense point #2. The 3 officers on the scene say Jonathan ran towards them. Now, because he “matched the description” of the attempt break in this woman called in, a stun gun was “unsuccessfully” used followed by 1 officer shooting Jonathan several times.  If there are any police reading this please help me out. 3 armed police and one man running requires deadly force? I grew thinking that deadly force was the last line of action, the final measure if nothing else failed. People in the position to take life as the police have done for decades should have better reasoning to be allowed operate but we all know no one’s listening.

How can I even write about this anymore. I often feel it’s just a countdown until this happens to me. The law enforcement of this nation has shown a heart breaking level of poor judgement and deadly misuse of force towards people of color to the point that I can only ask questions in an attempt to reach some sort of understanding. I have more apprehension around police then I do in the hood. The codes of the streets may be twisted but they often times seem to be way more consistent then the nonsensical acts we see played out by police time and time again.

Folk simply believe that black is dangerous. If you’re moving fast your up to no good and if your moving slow your planning something which is not good. It often feels like a gamble to walk the streets these days. Now this young man who beat fate in making it from this crash gets his life taken anyway….a fiance loses a future husband for no reason at all. And the powers that be call it all “unfortunate”.

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To Give More You Must Be Selfish

To Give More You Must Be Selfish

Selfish Time

As certain as the summer sun is hot and the winter wind is cold you can bet your bottom dollar that life will on various occasions beat you down to a point that you simply can not take it any more. You will want to drop everything you have on your plate and retreat to your corner. Trying to be the best people we can we have various responsibilities and obligations to certain people in our lives.  Some our partners of business, some are peers and friends, others are family. All of whom may depend on you in a number of ways. This often puts us in a space where we don’t feel capable of letting go of our stress. We tell ourselves that we have to suck it up  for our own good and that of others no matter what. Well let me say that this method of thinking will do nothing but put you in an early grave.

One of the definitions of Selfishness is the following; placing concern with oneself or one’s own interests above the well-being or interests of others.

Yeah that sounds bad doesn’t? Well it is, only when in a context of recklessness and egocentric focus. You see, we all have to select a time to  put our own interests above others. It’s self-maintenance. It’s needed personal care. For all the duties you may perform for others if you simply go till to fall out you are short-changing yourself and any others you are interaction with. This isn’t any different then the mentality of working smarter not harder. Sometimes the key to being a better worker is not working at all.

Presently many people I know are within a transition from the usually life mode of 9-5 business to more remote work and entrepreneurial endeavors. While this may free up time and space to move around, it usually results in an increased and higher responsibility load. Stress like all energies will not be destroyed but merely transferred so it’s on you to manage that energy before it affects your level of productivity.

Many people think that being “selfish” can only be done as a single person. There’s no way you can be in a relationship and be selfish. I couldn’t disagree more. The methods you may be able to utilize might change depending on the dynamics of the relationship but looking up for yourself shouldn’t. There’s this mind-set that being in a relationship means all fun and relaxation needs to happen with your partner present. I think that a couple should make it a normal part of their relationship to steal any from their usual pattern together and separately. It can be a simple 24 hr solo getaway to break up the usual routine that does wonders for you.

In the end, if you handle what it is you have to take care of and your feeling run down, don’t let any one make you feel bad for the time you take to get your mind right before jumping back into the business. It’s your body, your mind. The world will continue to spin even if you take a day or two to yourself.

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Power Trippin’ It’s All Human Nature

Power Trippin’ It’s All Human Nature Power Trippin From the Blog Closet Originally posted October 13th 2011

Sitting back I glance at the television, 40+ inches of HD details makes the images so clear…..so there’s no avoiding the vile things airing on networks ranging from ESPN to CNN. The faces of Power, Good, Bad and the Ugly are everywhere. I observe things. I’m a people watcher 24/7. Those I deal with personally and those I see from a distance. There is a consistency of how power and/or the attempts to gain power effect people. Some folk gain power through their infectious spirit. They stand for something and the force of their will attracts those of a like mind. This can result in the formation of local tribes, cults, religions, government,etc….There does come a point where a leader or a group hit that power ceiling. The ceiling is the point where power is manageable yet still within the checks and balances of the people below. Unfortunately, few people are satisfied with the ceiling. They crash through it showering sharp glass and debris on the people they are supposed to be working with and for.

Power Trippin
Penn State Supporter shows loyalty of just fired coach and town Icon Joe Paterno a midst growing scandal.

This past week brought us the horrible and still unfolding story of sexual abuse over the past decade at Penn State University. One man’s monstrous actions against the most fragile members of society and just as bad was the college cover up and protection for all those but the kids. Coaches and teachers placing the well being of children below the desire to maintain a school’s reputation. A parent’s Nightmare come true, being played out on the national stage.

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Fresh & Clean via Bump Patrol [Giveaway]

Fresh & Clean via Bump Patrol [Giveaway]

Bump Patrol Face

**Make Sure You Check Out The Giveaway Details After The Jump**

There may not be anything that makes you think of growing from a boy to a man than shaving. I saw me father do it for years and automatically connected that with what grown ups do. I made that some mental link to tying a proper tie too. As I got older I learned 2 things about myself as it relates to shaving. There is a limit to the amount of hair that can ever be on my head or face. Along with that I have very sensitive skin towards razors.

It didn’t take me long to realize that me and basic razors just didn’t seem to make a great union. I’ve always preferred electric razors since I was in school. They just seemed more effective and between my habit of weekly barbershop stops the results were ok. While major irritation issues remained under control I still would deal with an occasional razor bumps. It’s an issue that I just learned to live with as a temporary grooming side effect.

Bump Patrol Arrives


Fortunately for me I think those issues have finally come to an end and I have Bump Patrol to thank for it. There’s no trick or gimmick here just quality product you properly prep my skin before shaving and aftershave lotion to deal with the razor/ingrown hair issue before it starts. These guys really take the issue of personal grooming seriously and it’ something that I can definitely appreciate.

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Obama Loses Every Time

Obama Loses Every Time


I make it a point not to get heavy into politics on here. Similar to topics of religion the conversation usually spirals into a realm of discord that I don’t like or respond well to. This post is less about any particular political issue but more so about us? We the People…..and how hypocritical and unbalanced a society we are to actually attempt to govern. Of all nations on this planet does any other exist with so many diverse viewpoints and positions? When was the last time you saw any particular group in this nation happy about something. Everyone is mad and annoyed about something.

This isn’t simply down racial lines either. Specific interest groups as well are all fired up. Health folk say the food isn’t natural, gun lovers are stocking up arms for fear that their precious weapons will be taken, animal lovers continue to raise awareness of animal cruelty and on, and on it goes. In fact the only folk that may be able to pass for “happy” are the weed smokers and the gay community. The increasing legalization of gay marriage and prescription marijuana usage currently is great news to many but outside of that you don’t really find to many folk pleased with anything.

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Youth, It’s Not An Excuse

Youth It’s Not An Excuse 

MTV youth

As the Miley backlash continues I told myself I wasn’t going to write about her silly attempts at dancing or the racial tones of everything she’s been putting out in the public recently. As I’ve told folk already I’m not going to act surprised at this when so many of us made what she’s doing a style/trend to be copied. What I have found just as interesting about all this is the rationale some people have applied to this which is “Oh she’s just 20 she’s young..” or “I did things when I was 20 that were wild too.” Yeah perhaps we need a bit of a reality check folks.

Sometimes I wonder if accountability is a lost concept. We ALWAYS have some reasoning that allows almost all actions to be explained away as anything but a mistake by the party in question. Especially in the realm of celeb youth activities we have this distorted attempt to connect what they do to what we do and it’s not the same, not in the slightest manner.

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Hip Hop’s King of NY?….What a Joke

Hip Hop’s King of NY?….What a Joke


Why you kill on every song, why you frown at the screen
It’s so many thrones, why we argue who is the King

– Common “Why” (Remix)

Hip Hop is me. It’s in the way I see the world. It’s in the codes of conduct I abide by. It’s in my walk, my talk….it’s in me. As a member of the Hip Hop community I look at us presently as a directionless, blindfolded fool simply following whatever is the loudest noise in the area. I hear so many conversations about who runs this and that. Silly claims to a throne that in all reality has been vacant for a decade. In truth, looking at the kingdom said King would rule over, at least on the mainstream level, Hip Hop has seen better days artistically. Unless an MC aspires to be King of Strip clubs it’s really not what it used it be. But that leads me into my true question. Who are the leaders of present day hip hop?

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The Omega Nexus Charges Forward!!!

The Omega Nexus Charges Forward!!


It’s an exciting day as my Omega Nexus partners have returned to their birthplace of Barbados for the 2013 Animekon convention. The island is a buzz with comic book lovers, gamers and cosplay participants of all ages. Yesterday the heads of Animekon Omar Kennedy and Mel Young led a full day of media w/ some of the honorary guests that will be at the convention this weekend.

We wanted to kick things off with a bang this year!! After years of pushing the introductory tale of the Slade Brothers we have officially announced the next part of the saga. Ascended: The Omega Nexus DARK BEGINNINGS. Spring 2014 will begin the telling of the origin story of all the central characters of the current book. Prepare to be hooked and fall in love again with these characters as you know what events shaped their lives early on to lead them down their respective paths.

Omega Nexus

Expect to more details on the new book as we make our way through the remainder of the year. It’s been a long time coming but now it’s time to truly tell the story you’ve all been waiting for. If you have yet to read the current book now is as good a time as any to get familiar with it. We’re in the midst of a sale at the official Omega Nexus store. You can utilize the discount code  “Animekon” for %20 off any purchase of at least $20.00. In addition to that all ordered copies of the book will be autographed by the head Author Roger Reece. Take advantage of the offer now it’s over this Tuesday.

After the jump you find a few pieces of Omega Nexus archive media to learn about what we’ve been up to to this point.


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Chasing Muscle Perfection…..Bigorexia Disorder

Chasing Muscle Perfection…..The Disorder

Mind Muscle Matter

For the better part of my youth I was tall and skinny and while I never had a major self esteem issue beyond what most young adults go through, I did know that by high school I wanted to be bigger. I didn’t want muscle head status but for my 6’4 height I felt I needed more. This would kick in more toward the end of high school into college as I got more into weight lifting and started understanding more about the effect of my diet. I found a comfort zone of size that worked for me and I’ve maintained it pretty consistently over the past decade. It would appear that a growing number of men though aren’t finding themselves too happy with what they see in the mirror these days. While, many people generally may obsess on getting smaller, the need to get bigger and max out muscle growth is on the rise among men , with potentially dangerous results.

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Toronto Takeover

Toronto Takeover


With Caribana tunes and memories still dancing in my mind I have no shame in proclaiming the love I have for the city of Toronto. Great friends, cool environment, clean and always active with events of all kinds. August is coming to the close and as I look towards September I notice that my folk up top are setting the month up to keep you busy and properly occupied.

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