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Jason Francis is a creative thinker, writer & blogger based out of New Rochelle, NY with a business and executive background in Management & Human Resources. He also specializes in Marketing and Promotions within the entertainment field.

My blogging history is a bit of a mixed array of things so let me give you a run down of it all. I’ve been blogging for over a decade. My main blog is a personal one as blogging has always been about expression to me first and foremost. It was created after yrs of blogging on Myspace. I have just over 4000 posts presently. Subject matter ranges from relationships to comics, sports, media and just personal reflection. You will see a number of my favorite posts from that site here in a special archive section.


From this blog I was approached to contribute to TheHipHopDemocrat.com in 2009. I’ve written 200 posts for them since then. In addition we were nominated for a Black Weblog Award in 2011. My blogging also led to contributions and co hosting with Canadian blogger Goddess Intellect on her blog and on her Internet radio show Menage A Talks which too was nominated for a Black Weblog Award in 2011. This led to the creation of The Battle of the Sexes live event series. I co hosted the first event that took place in NY. Goddess has since taken this event nationwide and at the time of this writing is in the midst of an International tour.

Along with this I am Head of Social Media and part of the overall managing team, The High Council, of the Nomadness Travel Tribe. The tribe is an 11000+ member strong travel network focused on sharing the value of travel with the Urban demographic and introducing travel to the upcoming youth. In the spring of 2013 we completed of first national tour traveling from NYC to LA visiting colleges to spread our message. In Sept of 2015 we laugh The NMDN ALTERnative travel conference in NYC.

All of that is what makes up The Social Media Samurai. Life today is greatly lived out in the digital public and I do my best to navigate these Internets and assist as many people as I can along the way. This may result in me popping up anywhere from your local restaurant, media event, comic convention and more.  So I welcome you all to enjoy this ride with me.

If you need aid in your own professional social media journey hop over to the services & recommendations section and look into my consulting service.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Countries I’ve been to: St Johns, Antigua, St Croix, Canada, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates.


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