Kingdom Come – Enter The Black Panther

Kingdom Come – Enter The Black Panther


With roughly a month remaining before Marvel’s highly anticipated blockbuster, Black Panther hits national theatres I can’t help but think of how crazy a time this is for something that has been for so long a dream for by so many. I look at the various reactions across social media, the tweets of joy, the Facebook posts organizing movie screenings all across the nation and it’s a powerful moment.

I see this building hype in momentum in two vital parts. First and foremost I saw this from the position of a near lifelong comic book fan who wondered if such a film would ever be created. The question of if the Black Panther would ever make it to the big screen and why had he not made it there  yet has been on the minds and on the lips of comic book fans for years. So, for many of us, this is a dream come true. This is a long time request, hell a demand finally being realized.


On the flip side, you have the contingent that is excited that we are seeing an all-black powerhouse cast put together with no expenses being spared for essentially what folks have dubbed The Blackest movie ever created. Yes there’s a whole lot of black in that last statement. It’s a lot of black, blackity black, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, once you go black you never go back. Anything that you can imagine that encompasses the joy and the pride of being black within this world is being showcased right now through the presentation of Black Panther.

For many, it’s much bigger than just a really good comic book being turned into a movie. This is a chance for people for a race of people that have forever and always contributed creativity created art and push culture to the limits each and every day finally getting something that showcases just how Grand are people are. An All-Star once in a lifetime cast no expenses being spared the Black Panther is.


As I look at these two sides preparing for the release of this film I don’t want the moment to be lost solely on the Black Panther. Don’t get me wrong, the story of the Black Panther in itself is amazing but for those who did not come up in the comic book world who were not begging for this movie 10 years ago, I want you to stop and take a second to add some perspective. Google it yourself, talk to your comic geeks’ friends and get familiar with the history of Black characters in the comic world. It’ll add even more joy to the moment. Learn about Indie legends like Brotherman, trendsetters like Milestone, learn how Dwayne McDuffie made Jon’s Stewart’s Green Lantern the face of the Green Lanterns to millions of kids via the Justice League Cartoon. Do the knowledge of Luke Cage prior to his Netflix debut. There is a rich history out there. We’ve always been here and hopefully, in one month we take center stage and never give it back.


Long live the King!!

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