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They say some things are like riding a bike. When you return to it it’s like you never left. As I log on and type these words, already I feel a surge of familiarity in the expressive process I’ve used for so long. So, let’s get back the question(s) at hand. Jason where did you go? What happened to the Social Media Samurai over the last 1 1/2 years?

The simple answer, the one most of you know is that I had a child in May of 2016. This has been touched on before and a quick click to this previous post provides more detail into that background story. I relocated a begun a new chapter of life as a father. Almost overnight the priorities changed and via a series of trials and errors, I learned quickly just how much of my old ways were not going to transition over into parenthood. The combination of my new city and my new daddy duties put much of what I building personally with this Brand on hold. I maintained just enough to exist but it wasn’t the same.

Max and his well-being were all that mattered and I work(ed) my self into the ground to provide for him. That included returning to the grind of regular employment. After working remotely for the latter half of 2016 to be able to spend time with my growing boy, I took on 2 jobs to prepare for Max’s changing needs and mine too, as I continued the relocation process.

Professionally, I streamlined everything. Philadelphia is not New York and when it came to the event covering element of my career that took the biggest hit of anything I was doing. The networking and residual work that came from those events fell off too. Shout out to Lady Blogga for hitting me with that writing plug though. Those checks were timely. I also had to adjust my social media consultation and management work. Less free time resulted in fewer clients. In this case, though, life would provide as I’d sign up my longest running client early in the year.

The surprising point of my mutating business world was Nomadness. The powerhouse leader of the Urban Travel Movement was going through its own shifts and changes, most of which were unseen to the public. New team members in, long time members out, a transition from various campaigns, the creation of new ones, all of this happening as Nomadness creator and dear friend Evita Robinson is raising in clout, notoriety, and fame. Business and friendship don’t always mix. It was clear across the broad that things were changing. Nomadness wasn’t the only Travel crew on the block. Various collectives arose with an array of agendas that often put the work and sacrifice of Nomadness in a unique perspective.

I felt different in my role and position and come to find out I was being viewed differently too. Eventually, conversations were had. Real conversations. Candid, truthfully, surprising and even hurtful…but needed conversations. Loyalty, if it’s something you abide by will cost you at one point or another. It is not meant to be forever a comfortable place to stand in. With that said, this changing dynamic put a new spark in me regarding how my energies would be spent going forward in both business and personal dealings.

I’ve always fought moments of feeling undervalued or unappreciated. I’m kind of like the moon. You may look at it when it’s extra big for a few moments but you don’t really spend much time thinking about what it does for the planet. It’s just there. That is what I’ve felt in many cases, often of my own doing. I allowed folks to have me as the consistent dependable force that was just there. So, when my world shifted and Max became the new focal point, slowly but surely I found myself in exchanges with longtime friends apparently confused by who I now was. No apologies were given and as a result, some friendships have been damaged/lost, but for the most part I’d say respect, more respect has been earned through the personal exchanges 2017 brought to me. If I’ve told you I love you then I’m here for the long haul. I do hope the folks that need to know that get it. I may never be the stand out guy that gets the public acknowledgment but my impact will always be felt.

And that brings me to today 1/2/2018. I don’t deal in numerology too heavy but something about that number 8 makes me smile. Things that a year ago I lay awake fighting back tears about have now been earned and life has me a good point for the next step of this journey. I make plans with the understanding that things change in a heartbeat. It’s this more open approach to life that has me back in a familiar lane of hustle and drive. No pun intended but the samurai is learning life and taking important baby steps. Max is my world but I must have balance in my life. Max’s mom asked me about new years resolutions. I didn’t make any as much of what I want to do I started working towards before the ball drops. I will say that in 2018 taking care of “me” will not be confined to just my birthday months. I have few self-help measures to imply and I look forward to what I gain from them.


I’m not one for grand statements but the Samurai is back. New, better, refined……far from finished but ready to get back to business.





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