Genesis Val Leon

Multitasking is a term that people toss around a lot. It’s true that today we find ourselves doing various things at the same time. Well, today I want to present to you a woman that truly embodies the definition of multitasking. A triple threat in everyone sense of the term, meet Genesis Val Leon today’s Samurai Sit Down feature.

Please introduce yourself, where you’re from and what you do?

My name is Genesis Val Leon and I am a curly-haired actress, singer, and model from the Bronx, New York

What was your earliest Inspiration for acting and modeling

I’ve been performing as early as 8 years old. I was that kid that would dance to TV commercials and even the car alarms that would go off on my street. My first classical music/ voice classes started when I entered second grade. I vividly remember my dad playing music from an old record player. We literally would go around the world through music. I remember him playing Tommy Boy, Queen, Whitney, Michael, Prince, Ana Gabriel, Selena and so many other. He gave me one of my greatest traits which my broad music palette. It was something we shared and still till this day do. My dad is an engineer but has an immense love for music (singing)

As for acting, my mom. My mom has the most electric and contagious personality I have ever encountered. Think Rosie Perez meets Sofia Vergara with the most beautiful accent. I remember attempting to imitate her while she would try to reprimand me and getting in so much trouble. I also remember writing apology songs and performing them whenever I got in trouble. My mom is also a huge Novela ( Hispanic Soap Operas) fan. And boy, that’s where the fun really started. You have not really laughed until you’ve watched a novela episode.

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As for modeling, it just came with my personality. My first “pageant” was when I was 5 years old. I wish you all can see this video. I always had big hair and I guess my mom had put my hair in two ponytails. Well, I decided I wanted my hair out. Next thing you know, I walked out with my hair out in this gorgeous fro and strutted my way across the runway, made a detour and walked through the crowd- absolutely messed up the entire order and the organizer had to go and get me.

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The Rock and Under Armour Have Been Cooking Up Something Real Good

The Rock and Under Armour Have Been Cooking Up Something Real Good


What happens when today’s top action movie star links up with the innovative Under Armour Brand? You get the new Project Rock collection which looks to capture the intensity that Dwayne Johnson himself brings to the gym within the first over head-to-toe performance training collection for men and women.  The Project Rock collection is now available on and selective retail locations.

Check out a few images from this awesome collaboration along with statements from UA and The Rock!


UA CoolSwitch pulls heat away from skin for a cooling effect that helps you perform longer.

ArmourVent® mesh breathes & releases excess heat.

HeatGear® fabric wicks sweat to keep you dry & light.

The SuperVent Project Rock Training Collection debuts with a full product suite for men, featuring SuperVent tees, tanks, shorts and leggings. And for the first time, a women’s performance collection is available, including exclusive cut and sew styles for tanks, leggings, accessories and much more. Price points range from $34.99- $89.99.


Also part of the collection is the Project Rock Delta training shoe—an exclusive version of the UA Delta trainer shoe that is inspired by Dwayne’s grueling training sessions. This cutting-edge footwear is built with Under Armour’s signature Charged Cushioning technology that absorbs impact and returns explosive energy. The training shoe also offers extended ankle support for increased stability and deep flex grooves to provide extra flexibility where you need it most. The Project Rock Delta is available globally today, retailing for $139.99.


Brand integrity is a serious thing and when you think of The Rock there’s a certain faith you have in him when it comes to things of a health and fitness nature. I can’t wait to get a few pieces from this collection for myself.

If you like what you see here then please make sure you take a look at the Fall/Winter preview I was invited to recently.

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Media Updates – Sharing New Content and Features

Media Updates – Sharing New Content and Features


It’s been a while since I’ve taken time to share some of the things I’m doing. Fatherhood has changed the way I work and my ability to focus on “me” is in a bit of flux. Slowly but surely I’m reestablishing my digital presence, getting my creative juices flowing and putting content out into new spaces. It feel’s good. I view 2014 as a pivotal year. It was in that year that I covered my largest events, wrote my biggest (at the time) article

Thinking back a bit I view 2014 as a pivotal year. It was in that year that I covered my largest events, wrote my biggest (at the time) article and landed my first client as a consultant. I’m using that year as a reference point for the things that worked for me professionally and how to implement them within my new reality.  That’s within the social media industry and beyond.


On the writing side of things, I’ve had a few recent pieces published via Complex. Sports connects to folks on so my levels so it’s cool to share thoughts within that space.  Here are mentions from my Knicks and Warriors stories.


I’m also looking to bring a new outlook on Fatherhood to the forefront. Classic Daddy narratives often paint us in a position of voiceless, emotionless workers. As more dads are taking on the day-to-day hands-on duties of parenting in addition to work, it needs to be understood and respected that we are just as invested in the lives of our kids as anyone else.

In the last week, I’ve been featured by a couple of pro daddy platforms. It’s all about Max and whatever I need to do to keep him smiling.

Good Afternoon everyone👋😍 Meet @NightFall914 & his handsome son Max. This great guy knows the meaning of happiness. You can clearly see his efforts are well received in the joy his son has. A true man, a great father and positive role model. Let’s show him a warm welcome for being such a great Father on his journey as a father. I am proud of you @NightFall914 continue to be the amazing man you are. God has blessed you brother. Congratulations once again!!! Welcome to Fatherhood 👍😎 #FatherRights #DadCaresToo #DailyMessage #DailyInspiration #SingleDadLife4Ever #Daddy #Son #Daughter #Mommy #SingleDadLife #MommyLife #FathersWithoutBorders #ProudFatherOfALittleGirl #ProudParents #Postivevibes #PositiveChanges #SharedMoments #NewParents #FatherHood #ParentHood #Parenting

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The other feature was a great Q & A interview with DadofDivas. This is something I really want to build one going forward.

Snippet from Dad of Divas Interview Feature

It’s a new world for me in many ways but with a new motivation to press forward, I’m excited about the future. Also as I have reached and helped many of my readers, I ask those of you viewing this to please reach back to me if you see something that you think I could a match for. Online features, writing, public speaking. I’m wide open to opportunity.