A Social Media Assist For Cyber Monday

A Social Media Assist For Cyber Monday


It’s that time of year when the holiday shopping season officially opens up! After all the Thanksgiving food has settled and the left overs are put away you turn your attention to the mega savings in your favorite store on and offline. This is also an important time for entrepreneurs. Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are made for those whose brands operate heavily via digital spaces. That is where I come in. Are you fully maximizing your online activity? How is your engagement with your followers? There are so many thing people often overlook that can make so much difference in the business they generate. Starting today, Cyber Monday and running until Christmas, I’ve cut my most popular service the Social Media Audit by 33% so for $100 I will dive into your online operations to lay out plans and real attainable goals for you and your business. You won’t be disappointed.


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The Social Media Samurai is always ready to help you. Are you looking for guidance with your digital strategy? Perhaps you need someone to speak to your organization about navigating social media in today’s ever-changing business environment? I can provide that and more. I’ve cut my audit service down for the holidays so it’s even easier to get started on the road to more success.

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The Sky Fell And We’re Still Here – Election 2016 1 Week Later

The Sky Fell And We’re Still Here [Election 2016 1 Week Later]


It’s never been my way to rush to comment The bigger the issue the more time I give it so I can digest and really figure out what I’m feeling. Last week most of us were either waking up to news of the elections results or we were waking up wondering if what we witnessed election night was a dream. Nope, I wish I could say it was but 11/8/2016 saw the total shattering of the U.S political system as we know it when majority electoral votes won Donald Trump the U.S Presidency. There are an endless number of fingers to point if the blame game is your thing, but at this point I just want to look at us in terms of what next and what can we do with the cards we’ve been dealt, The rules of the game have been forever changed so it’s time to adjust.

Everyone’s lives are different. How folks exist day-to-day varies so individually there is self assessment of resources, plans and goals that need to be fine tuned. The new players in town aren’t here for us. It’s arguable that most of the old players weren’t here for us either. Making moves outside of the norm is becoming more essential with every passing day. Being able to do more with less has always been a key survival key and even those in steady financial standing should understand that stretching a dollar is good business in any case. We don’t fully know what Trump has in store for us but even now rumors build of tax hits and aid cuts to single mothers and lower-income families. Sharpen your skills and be open to earning opportunities outside the usual channels. Every dollar counts.

While getting the flow of funds in order there are other more immediate results from this election that are already in motion within our society. Trump’s win has put the super charged battery in the back of blatant, no punches pulled ignorance and racism. To say that people have been emboldened would be an understatement. There is already an increase of hate crimes, bullying and assaults and we’d be fooling ourselves to think it’ll get better anytime soon. With that being said I think there may just be an opportunity here for us. It’s been proven that the system is not for us. It never has been so in these times if ever it was essential for true unity and community building it’s now. Be your brother’s keeper, look out for the neighbor, step up when the ignorant and wicked make their presence felt in our space. One of the biggest things about America is that the basic level of comfort so many of us have makes us apathetic and slow to act when it’s most needed.  I honestly think this is the space where we can do the most good in the quickest amount of time. Showing that we will not be bullied, disrespected or violated is essential to the time we’re entering.

I’ve watched many people express their feelings about this election cycle. From the moment of Barack Obama’s 1st election win, Republican forces set on a path of obstruction and racially charged disrespect that America has never seen launched at a President. Unbeknownst to them they were indirectly creating the perfect storm that would eventually destroy their own party. Yet the truth is the neither party has ever really been for us. They pander to us for votes when needed then we sit and watch the same status quo play out. This is a wake up call across the board to the entire system.

If the people are ever going to be heard and felt it will be now as the forces of intolerance and hate mount up to ride over all those that don’t fit the twisted vision they have for this world. What makes this all the more concerning is that Trump truly does not know the role he was stumbled into. It’s one thing to be knowledgeable with negative intentions but to be ignorant on top of that creates the most dangerous of situations.

Disturbing times are here and please understand that we need to be there for each other. There’s no other way that this ends well for us. No matter what Trump attempts I truly believe a united people can overcome. Do we have true unity within us? Only time will time.


In the mean time, while society is doing what it can, I have my young son to bring up and protect. He is priority 1, 2 & 3 regardless of what administration is in charge. It’s never a dull moment out here but we’re ready for it.