When The Samurai Speaks – My Journey of Public Speaking

When The Samurai Speaks – My Journey of Public Speaking


Talking, It’s something we all have done since childhood. It’s our most direct form of communication. We do it without thinking to the point that many of us don’t know when to stop. Generally in a personal one on one or private group setting, there’s no real thought given to speaking and expressing yourself. Now, if you step back from that space, step up on to a stage and try public speaking to a group of strangers who are all there solely to listen you, how would you do.

That’s what swirls through my head every time I prepare to address a group. Class rooms, panels, conference halls, it all comes down to my ability to communicate a story and deliver a message to the people. That message shifts depending on the audience but that story is often the same at its core. How do you connect on a human level. Public speaking for me is generally framed in a business or teaching setting but even with the goal of sharing info and instructing the audience, they still need to connect with me in a way that gives personal value to what I’m sharing with them.

Think back to your youth. How many times did a teacher stand in front of your class with valuable info that never sunk in because it was delivered dry as the Sahara Desert? I’ll never be the guy to do front flips and cartwheels to hold your attention but I bank on the ability to say something that you can personally relate to enough to give me your full attention. After a few class room engagements and panel appearances I put this to my biggest test yet a few weeks ago.

The good folks at Blogger Week approached me as a representative of Nomadness to speak at their annual conference. I had the pleasure of working with B.W a few years ago as an Ambassador so from that interaction I now could take another step in my public speaking career.

It was a hot and humid day in Washington DC but it was a calm and cool setting within the hall’s of Trinity University where the Blogger Week Conference was held. I sat and took in the informative presentations of the speakers before like award-winning teacher Sabrina Kizzie. When it was my turn to speak to the people about entering the world of Travel blogging I was actually pretty relaxed. The crowd was receptive and eager to hear my message. Mixing in a balance of social media based strategies with Nomadness community building, I think I did a pretty good job.

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I’m still within the first full of my public speaker career. Like anything else it takes time to establish your position and patience is something I was always had and understood. From every engagement I look to take away a moment that tells me to keep going forward. The image below is what I’ll remember as the stamp of approval for my words. Might not have been a full house but it’s always quality over quantity in my book!


Now I’m getting ready for my next appearance which brings me back to NYC as I join a community marketing panel at YMS NYC 2016. This is one of the largest digital marketing conferences today so It’s a massive step in my career. Now I just need to decide what to wear.


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