This is a very special edition of Samurai Rides. This marks the official 1 yr anniversary of my coverage of the newest automobiles to hit the street from many of your trusted brands. It’s fitting that this anniversary coincides with the Nomadness Anniversary weekend. Much of my Samurai Ride travel links into my Nomadness duties so it’s only right to celebrate the two! This year leading into the massive weekend I was blessed with the Hyundai Genesis to make my way around the busy street of New York.

With the UN, Beyonce and most notably the Pope in town, I was about to really put the Genesis to the test. Hyundai has again succeeded in delivering style, performance and luxury in a super affordable package. The genesis rides smooth and handles amazingly on the open road or in stop-and-go rush hour traffic.


The big weekend events required me to make a number of runs around the boroughs of NYC. There were Target stops in the Bronx, meetings in Manhattan, supply pick ups in Brooklyn and airport meet ups in Queens. Fortunately the Genesis surprised me with just how spacious the interior was. The trunk too is deep and wide. As you can see below it held a couple hundred dollars worth of supplies with no issue. On top of the that the car was never weighed down and never rode slow when it was packed.

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With all that back and forth movement the Genesis was great on gas too. When I wasn’t making business runs the ride was live with the Lexicon powered audio speaker system. Maxing out a total of 17 individual speakers tunes kept the party going from the streets to the seats of this luxury sedan.


On the flip side, when I wanted a silent, calm ride to clear my head, the Genesis offered peace and quiet. There are no distractions from the ride either as the Genesis utilizes a center console control stick that we’ve seen in other cars. You can change stations, which to XM or adjust the volume with a twist of the wrist.

Rounding out the various treats Hyundai is serving up are the technological aspects of the Genesis.


Blulink is available to sync up your vehicle with Hyundai’s comprehensive service site and in addition to that  you can gain mobile control over your ride with the Genesis Intelligent Assistant App.


This app takes the functionality of the Blulink app and integrates that with the vehicles internal system and overall internet information to create notifications specific to your commute. Imagine weather-based reminders to remotely start your car in the winter or proactive travel alerts to destinations on your calendar. This is Hyundai’s smartest car to date and you will love it.

The powers that be have made it a point to stamp Hyundai on my auto radar this year. I don’t know if there are any more surprises coming in 2015 but if not Hyundai has done more than enough to affirm a position as a top economic auto brand. I didn’t want to let the Genesis go and it’s easily in my top 3 cars of 2015. If you’re in the market for something new and stylish, this is a ride you need to check out.

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**Check Out My Previous Auto Reviews**