It’s been an active summer for Samurai Rides. In this edition we’re bringing something new to you and focusing specifically on some high performance tires.   While we all know the importance of tires, few of us really get to dive into what makes one tire stand out from another. Before hoping into my next review vehicle I had the opportunity to link up with BFGoodrich during their NYC area stop of their Are You Driver Enough Tour. Geared specifically for auto part dealers this gave me a great crash course, no pun intended, of what goes into quality tires.



What I was excited about is that for all the driving I’ve done in my life I could only tell you but so much about tires. I do a little research but generally any purchases I made were budget driven. I’d get the best of what I can afford. In addition to that I think a lot of us just trust that what you’re getting is quality. We don’t have the opportunity to throw on tires and very test them out. That’s why I took so much joy in the BFGoodrich Are You Driver Enough Tour because it gave me the chance to see what various tires can do in extreme situations.

We put the All-Terrain T/A® KO2 Tires and the g-Force™ COMP-2™ A/S tires to the test to see just how much they stand out. The events of the day placed me on 2 courses. One course was wet and the other one was dry.  Each course would have me accelerate at max speeds and hit a full and sudden stop. Following this I would peel out and continue through a quick hitting series of turns, 2 sharp lane changes and a final hard stop. All of this while trying not hit too many cones. Let’s just say I have new appreciation for racers.


On the wet track we were pushing Toyota Scions while on the dry surface we stepped up in power with a couple of Mustangs. It was quite an experience. After getting familiar with the cars I took my shot at the respective courses. The differences in grip, traction, braking time and take off on acceleration all were in the favor of the BFGoodrich tires.


As the lone media/consumer in a group of retailers I could really look at this from my personal perspective as a driver. These g-Force™ COMP-2™ A/S tires are ideal for the vehicles I find myself driving these days. I don’t see myself doing the speeds I was doing the track but I’d feel safer knowing the quality of the tires I’m riding on. Those All-Terrain T/A® KO2 tires make me miss my old SUV. That all terrain toughness is a must have having to take things off-road.

BFGoodrich is really bringing you top performance options here. Make sure you ask your local dealer to show you these new  tires when the time for replacements arrive. You wont be sorry. Check out some the images for the days events below including some valuable info on the two new tires

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No Reason To Be Afraid Of Sexting, It’s An Amazingly Creative Part of Healthy Relationships

No Reason To Be Afraid Of Sexting, It’s An Amazingly Creative Part of Healthy Relationships


When you bring up the topic of Sexting to many people its usually a very black or white response that you’re going to get. Either they love it or they think it’s creepy and gross. Granted sexting can run the gamut from flirtatious texts to all out XXX imagery and that plays a major part in how it is received, but within a relationship it can be an incredible means of communication that flies outside the usual means of expression that couples have been brought up to make use of.

For the moment let’s look at this within the confines of a committed relationship. Recent studies reveal that sexting is already growing into a more accepted part of relationships. The following came from a group of 870 U.S citizens ages 18-82.

They discovered 88% of the participants had sexted at some point, and 82% had sexted in the past year. The majority of sexting took place within the context of a committed relationship, with 75% of participants reporting this, while 43% stated that they had sexted as part of a casual relationship. – Source

Now that we know that people are doing it let’s dive into the why and how of things. Many people claim that we are far too engaged in our mobile devices. I don’t disagree but the mobility of todays technology in a relationship actual enables you to be together while not physically having to be together all the time. Maintaining a sense of independence and identity is crucial in a relationship. You dont want to smother your partner but you don’t want the fire to fade that attracts you to each other. That is where I think sexting can be most valuable. It brings a new level to flirtation and setting the tone for romance.

How would your day change if in the middle of a conference call you received a message from your partner that said; “I can’t wait to see you tonight.” Simple and subtle yet it would clearly improve your for the reminder of the day. Of course you could turn up the intensity a bit with graphic and explicit material. Again it is about the creativity. It’s not just about what you send it’s about when and where it’s received too. Imagine a night where you want to be together but you’ve agreed to be hang out with your respective friends. Sexting could allow you to still enjoying your friends company while simultaneously setting the tone for an explosive end of the night.


To fully enjoy sexting we have to step away from the stigma that it is some type of deviant, perverted act. Sexting is an evolution in communication just like email, twitter or anything else. It is a tool that when responsibly used can bring about all kinds of pleasure moments and trust building between partners.

“As with other forms of communication, context and intent matter. Sexting appears to be generally good for sexual satisfaction. Within the context of a relationship, wantedness of sexting matters. Unwanted sexting is bad for relationship satisfaction. Wanted sexting is good for sexual and relationship satisfaction among heterosexuals.”

It’s clear that sexting isn’t going anywhere. We need to look at this as just another part of being sexually expressive adults. It can be positive or negative but that it totally up to us. In the end why would you not want to connect sexually with the person you are most attracted too. That’s the whole point of relationships. From pen and paper to electronic messages love & lust have a place in the age of smart phone/social media technology.





Is Trump’s Attempt To Run For President Turning U.S Government Into A Side Show?

Is Trump’s Attempt To Run For President Turning U.S Government Into A Side Show?

donald trump clown

Democrats can’t contain their laughter and the GOP can’t fill up churches fast enough to pray that the media plague of Trump leaves them. Yet judging by the sound of things Donald Trump is not exiting the political spotlight anytime soon. Accepting that he is here for the long haul, is Trump’s run at office an embarrassing joke towards the United States Government? If you ask me to suggest such a thing is giving the government way too much credit.

Donald is brash, boorish, egotistical and ignorant. He’s often referred to as one of the dumbest smart people on the face of the earth. While his professional successes must be respected there are very few people who feel Donald Trump would make a quality presidential candidate let alone a good President. Yet, the majority of people are in no rush to see “The Donald” go anywhere. Let’s be clear. The United States government is far from stainless to now claim Trump is making a mockery of democracy. His presence is real support of the freedoms that America does grant you. Yet that’s not really the problem here.

Government operates on a system of hypocrisy and contradiction. Claims are made, changes are promised and the solution to all the worlds’ ills are presented to the people. The candidates rally their supporters and then use the goal is achieved they rarely live up to their grand proclamations. Let’s not forget the special interest groups that financially control so much of the system and stifle progress year after year.

The issue is not that Trump is making a joke out of things. In his warped perspective I’m sure he thinks he is the best man for the job but bigger then that is the fact that Trump is doing to the GOP what they have done to us for ages. This collection of potential Republican leaders are being forced to deal with the ignorant, sexist, racist insulting ideologies that so many of them have projected to those outside their party. The difference is that Donald Trump is not speaking in politically correct media coded terms as is the norm in politics. The same way Trump seems so out of touch and disrespectful beyond belief is exactly how many throughout the nation who identify as Democrats and Independents felt as lie after lie was directed at then presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama. New day same tactics. Today Trump makes asinine remarks about mexican immigrants calling them killers and rapists. In 2008 it was claims that President Obama wasn’t a “Real American” and potentially a sympathizer for Muslim extremists.

Let’s not act brand new to the usual political circus and try to claim some new-found self-righteousness just to spite Trump. Trump is the magic mirror that is showing the GOP just how ridiculous it has looked to the people of the United States as they dug in to oppose any and everything President Obama brought to the table. The Republican in-house issues courtesy of Trump is all entertainment and folk hope it gets messier. In a country where people could more readily point out sports stars, actors and reality tv cast members, very few are appalled at what Trump is doing. If there’s one thing that can be said of Donald is that he is consistent. He was a character yesterday, is one today and will be one tomorrow.

donald clown

Honestly I think this one recent Donald Trump quote sums up the entire hypocrisy of this matter. When asked about earlier comments about political contributions he has made;

“When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”
“You’d better believe it,” Trump said. “If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I’ve given to, just so you understand, a lot of money.”

One money grabbing hand washes the other and everyone knows it. Those dollars that continue to undermine the true meaning of democracy is the real mockery.








Recently I had the extreme pleasure to be invited to a private viewing and hands on experience with the brand new 2016 Hyundai Tucson. I’ve mentioned before that Hyundai holds a special spot with me as the Hyundai Excel which debated in 1986 was my very first car. Nearly 20 years later to see what Hyundai is doing is amazing. I spent the day the riding the roads from Manhattan to Rockland county and I was very impressed. Here are my thoughts on Hyundai’s newest vehicle.

The smaller SUV space is a popular one right now. Consumers love the concept of having extra space while still in a smaller less overbearing car. As a former Ford Expedition owner I count myself in that group too. Size and space coupled with gas efficiency and on road handling are a killer combination. Before getting into the driving elements of things let me say that the design of Hyundai’s Tucson is real sleek.


In all honesty I wouldn’t have guessed this was a Hyundai at first. I elected  to ride in a  black on black but for those looking for more color options, Hyundai actually created 6 new colors for the 2016 edition.


The Caribbean Blue was a standout to me.

MY16 Hyundai Tucson

When we hit the road I was caught off guard by the power of the Tucson. I had to really be careful because you could find yourself pushing 80 mph with limited effort. The braking is super responsive. as well. You know this NYC streets tested that feature well. Within its class Hyundai’s Tucson boasts the shortest distance for 60 to 0 mph brake coverage. More safety features include Lane Change Assist, Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert for backing up into on coming traffic all keep you aware of the cars moving around you beyond your own vision.

The Tucson is equipped with all the technology goodies you’ve come to expect in today’s automobiles. Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX adaptability, XM  radio and more. There are no shortages of entertainment options here. The sound system is clear and powerful which is a must have for those lengthy road trips.

Vision remains clear no matter the time of day and condition wit LED and HID lights up front and on the rear of the car. That includes lighting for the door handles as you approach the vehicle. Along with that, for those moments when your hands are full, the trunk opens automatically when it senses the key remote within 3 ft in the rear.


Truthfully I was disappointed I getting have a longer amount of time with the Tucson. I really need to give it the full #SamuraiRides treatment. Perhaps I’ll bring that to you guys in the near future. For now hit the jump to check out some images and information about the Hyundai Tuscon. With a price ceiling of $34K for the top model it’s the ideal combination of affordability and quality.


Is It Really A Bad Thing That BET Plans To Bring Back “UNCUT”

Is It Really A Bad Thing That BET Plans To Bring Back “UNCUT” ???


A few days ago BET dropped an Instagram post the set off both applause and outrage among its viewers. The video drop was for the infamous BET UNCUT program that for roughly a decade was set up as a platform for mainstream  and underground artist to release their more sexually explicit video content.


The show is still most known for Nelly’s Tip Drill and the drama that followed it.

You asked and we listened! The ALL NEW #BETUncut starts TUES 11P|10c!!!

A video posted by BET Networks (@betnetworks) on

Fast forward 10+ years with the rapid growth of the internet and social media with its many uncensored spaces, you can’t help but wonder why now? BET states “You asked and We listened!” Yet many wonder, with music video air play at an all time low across  Viacom core music stations (BET & MTV), it’s curious that this is what they would “listen” to and bring back. Not Rap City, Not Teen Summit, Not Caribbean Rhythms, no BET went for shock and controversy.  At a time when the social climate is super sensitive for people of color and how we are represented BET is getting ready to give space for more images that don’t always show us, especially women in the best light. Who sat down and said “Yes! This is what we need right now!” Is this just a move to take some of the visitors away from sites like World Star? Perhaps. Only time will tell.

On the flip side of things there is a contingent of people who is very much in support of UNCUT. These people question the demonizing of sexual content and argue that such material does deserve a place to be viewed just like any other genre. The reality of the matter is that explicit content is as readily available today as it was ever been in history. It may not be your desire to see it but it’s difficult to not come across graphic sexual images if you are a frequent user of social media. On top of that it was always been BET’s stance that the last night/early morning airing time of UNCUT proves that they are not pushing the content showcased onto the mainstream audience but just addressing a certain section of their target market.

It’ll be interesting to see if BET UNCUT reclaims it place as BET’s top viewed show. I think what get’s people about this is not that BET is providing a space for raunchy material to live because sex sells across the board. The issue is that it adds to the lack of balance in our turn up for TV, reality based society.

People like no they love sex. Go check out what the folk you follow on Instagram like and you’ll see it first hand.  It’s just that of all the things BET could do this seems like the least socially productive. Then again who said BET was that concerned with social progression.






Enter Nomadness: The Week The World Got Put On

Enter Nomadness:

The Week The World Got Put On.

Tribe Hoody2I’m usually not one to speak in grandiose fashion about anything. Stay humble and build has always been my motto. When I’m off to the side watching the people enjoy the annual Nomadness BBQ that’s what I do. I silently appreciate and reflect. Yet I didn’t fully grasp what that lighthearted weekend was going to lead into. Understand that from the position of managing Nomadness and seeing both the outer and inner workings of the community and the brand, you work and push for the moment when others “get it”. You seek the point where it clicks outside of the immediate numbers that caught on and adopted it early.  I believe we have reached that point.

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