After opening up my Summer in the Mazda 6 I took my summer plans down to Atlanta, GA for the Nomadness Family Reunion Weekend. I had a new traveling buddy waiting for me at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International with a  deep navy blue Grand Touring edition CX 5.

With a massive BBQ to prepare for the Mazda CX 5 helped me hit the roads from downtown Atlanta to Stone Mountain for fun and sun as my friends made their way into town.

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Throwback 50 in the A. Mazda’s audio never disappoints. #DriveMazda #mazdacx5 #samurairides

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While my time with the Mazda 6 was mainly spent solo. This experience would see me test out the CX’s riding ability while utilizing the amply space provided in the newest model. The CX 5 is far more graceful than it looks and was a smooth ride.  Features like the Blind Spot Monitoring and Smart Brake Support made close quarter movement that much safer from potential collisions.

My first day in the A was spent catching up with friends and visiting my favorite local spots. After a bit of socializing my attention turned to the upcoming BBQ and the list of food & supplies that would be needed.  Fortunately for me the CX 5 has a drop down passenger row that made the back and forth a breeze.


Full house of food & drinks for my people! I was surprised just how much I fit in there .

I’m a fan of large trucks. I’ve always been an SUV type of guy but I love that crossovers handle like sports carts but have SUV functionality.  I’ve previously driven the CX 9 which is the next model up from the 5, so that meant that the trunk door opens manually vs the automatic opening of the 9. It nothing a major. You can check out my  CX 9 thoughts for more.

The 2016 Mazda CX 5 was a great ride and really held me down while in Atlanta. The GPS was on point too as I was constantly on the move and needed directions to be quick and efficient. Take a look at my images below and see what Mazda has to offer. I can’t wait to bring you more #SamuraiRides

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Nomadness Travel Tribe Hits Atlanta For 4th Annual Reunion BBQ

Nomadness Travel Tribe Hits Atlanta For 4th Annual Reunion BBQ


I generally work behind the scenes. I’m not here to be seen and shouted out. I genuinely want to see my Tribe happy and that’s it. There is one aspect of Nomadness I take personal pride and ownership in and that’s the annual summer BBQ. What started as a simple idea to link up and chill back in 2012 has steadily evolved into one of the most anticipated events of the year within Nomadness.


This year was definitely the most ambitious year yet as we incorporated a number of new elements into the mix. Like most things that come up from a grass-roots foundation we had a few issues to over come and the blazing heat of that summer day didn’t exactly help. Yet every person I greeted or who introduced themselves to me was happy. There were smiles, kisses and hugs throughout the entire event. The spirit of family was so strong that from this year forth the annual summer BBQ will now be known as the Annual Nomadness Family Reunion.

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Warm temperatures and extended hours of day light are some traits of the summer season. It is also the time to get out and meet up with your loved ones for cookouts & BBQ’s. Summer is the pay back  for all those snowy winters nights where you could only look out the window at the wind whipped snow drifts along the streets. Now you can truly enjoy the outdoors.

As the official first days of Summer hit New York City I had quite the attractive partner hit the town with me. The 2016 Mazda 6 with its sleek sporty body type was made to navigate open roads w/ the windows down, moon roof open and your favorite tunes blasting. My summer activities would take me from the concrete jungle of New York City to the open spaces of the Peach Tree State. It was here where another Mazda companion awaited me. With a massive BBQ to prepare for the Mazda CX 5 helped me hit roads from downtown Atlanta to Stone Mountain.

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Followers of Samurai Rides will know that I’m no stranger to Mazda so I welcomed another opportunity to see what they had on deck. Hit the jump to see how this latest Mazda experience went down.


Hennessy Celebrate 250 Years of Excellence at NYC’s Lincoln Center for the Hennessy 250 Tour

Hennessy Celebrate 250 Years of Excellence at NYC’s Lincoln Center for the Hennessy 250 Tour


2015 marks the 250th year anniversary of Hennessy. The massively popular cognac brand has been engaging the public in a number of creative ways to better understand the history and the present international scope of Hennessy.

Part of this yearlong celebration is the global 250 Tour which brings the full Hennessy experience to life via a collection of interactive art displays, classic antique items from the history of Hennessy and live performances. Kicking off in Guangzhou, China earlier this year, the pride of Cognac, France set sail to bring its legacy stateside.

New York City’s Lincoln Center served as host to the only U.S stop on the tour. For 3 days the people of NY have been taking in the 250 Tour exhibitions which included contemporary art pieces, multimedia installations and live performances that set the tone of the tour by bridging the past with the present.


In addition to this presentation  which has been open to the public Hennessy launched this U.S leg of the tour with a Gala event that included current day Hennessy spokesperson Nas, members of the Hennessy family as well as a number of media personalities, artists and many more to join in on the 250th anniversary events.

Take a look at some of the images from the 3 day affair and stay tuned as the year-long celebration continues.

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A Lesson In Self Care: Don’t Let Love Become A Liability

A Lesson In Self Care: Don’t Let Love Become A Liability


life love changes


We’ve been taught that Love connects to all things grand and amazing. When it first happens it changes the way you look at life and connect to people. As you grow up the function and importance of love changes and expands. It goes from love of family and friends to romantic attraction laced emotions.

For me, love is the great divide and it’s a connection that in many ways will never disappear. Once you’ve earned my love you have it. Now here’s where the life lesson comes into place. For the majority of my life I’ve allowed love to double as an indefinite get out of jail free card for people.  What I struggled with was the concept that someone I held in high personal regard could still do hurtful things and not reciprocate the investment being made in the relationship.

Various situations have led me to now accept the reality that if you can not disconnect feelings from actions, love can become a very restrictive, self damaging thing. I do not question the love that was and give the benefit of the doubt that it still exists today but love changes and evolves like anything else. Sometimes love exists in the present primarily because of the history and foundation it was built on, and not the actions taking place today.

When you operate from a “treat people how you want to be treated” belief it’s difficult to separate actions and emotions. Yet nothing in this world speaks louder and more true then actions. Love in its purest form is equally a balance of what you feel and how you express those feelings.  It’s hurt when that balance isn’t there from folk that really matter to you but you reach a point of acceptance that things in life change. The changes may not make sense to you and you may not know what set that change in motion but yesterday and today are distinctively different. The sooner you acknowledge this and accept it the better you’ll be. Don’t miss what the future has in store for you because you were chasing that good old feeling you once knew.