Everyone Needs A #MonthofMe

Everyone needs a #MonthofMe


They call it Pisces season, the final days of winter and the ushering in of spring. For me it’s my Birthday month and a period that for the past few years I’ve labeled the #MonthofMe. Initially this was just a cute way to indulge in Birthday celebration antics well beyond the usual few days most people give towards their special day. With time this has evolved into much more then reason to drink & socialize more although that does happen. It’s really become a space for me to sit down look at myself and examine who I am, what I stand for and am I doing what I need to do to move towards where I want to be. It’s also I time that I stop and look at those around me and measure the input and output of energies between us.

As my personal new year begins I’m now 34. Surprisingly a number of folk don’t believe this so I’m happy for that but in all seriousness there is another phase of life I want to enter and everything I do now has to result in preparing for that. I’m in no rush for a family but there is an increasing awareness to that end goal related to the work I’m doing now as I chart my course in life. There are mountains I need to get past and goals I need to reach. Recent interactions with specific people have really shown me a lot about myself regarding my mental and emotion ability to adapt to situations.

In addition I’m grasping and understanding certain powers and forces that I need to be careful with in how I apply them. It’s all pretty trippy to be honest. I’m a long way from that skinny shy kid with glass back in Jefferson Elementary School.

I honestly think the #MonthofMe concept should be embraced by all. Stop for a moment and think to the last time you worried solely about yourself. Not in a selfish manner but when was the last time you got up and said today will be all about me? We get so caught up in the rat race that we can go massive lengths of time with treating ourselves. I’m a reformed member of #TeamNoSleep. Be clear that that lifestyle will kill you eventually.  Embrace rest, embrace stillness and quiet. Build it into your schedule and lock it in as you would any other vital meeting or appointment.

When the #MonthofMe ends I ideally want to be refreshed in myself, my direction and my relationships. My 30’s have injected new life into me that I didn’t expect in the form of Nomadness. The way the Tribe randomly reaches out with words and expressions of love and support is something I often struggle to put into words. I’m truly not worthy. There have been others to step up and in their own ways earn a special place with me. There are people who I’ve known for years that I want to link back up with. I need and want to know where I stand with those that matter to me. Spring cleaning is another element of the #MonthofMe

Call it what you want but I truly hope you all invest the same time and energy for yourselves that the world asks of you for so many other things. You all deserve it/ Not just for a month but life. Get back to putting you at the front of the line.





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  1. Thanks for the encouragement to celebrate myself for the entire month this month in celebration of my new year.

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