Samurai Rides: New York to Washington D.C With The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Samurai Rides: New York to Washington D.C With The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport



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This edition of Samurai Rides was a real treat because I really got to test out my vehicle in a couple of circumstances beyond my usual Tri-State exploits. In addition to that I got a chance to enjoy a different version of a ride that I had a great time with previously. Going into Valentine’s Day which was also Presidents Day weekend I had the pleasure of handling the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. It’s the smaller version of the Outlander I had a few months ago. I felt right at home when I hopped into the Outlander Sport. A majority of features that the Sport presents are identical to those of the larger standard Outlander from the Rockford Forgate sound system to the lane recognition which really got put to good use.


The Outlander Sport handles very smooth and provides a little more agility then the standard Outlander. This go around I received a last minute call to cover the 5th annual African American Heritage Tour in Washington DC presented by the Washington Informer. It presented the perfect opportunity to really put the wheels to the roads with the new Outlander.


Navigating the I-95 south towards the DMV area was a great ride with Mitsubishi’s sporty crossover. The 4 hour commute was great on gas and the time flew by with musical options on deck via Sirius XM. The traffic was a little tight getting out of the NY/NJ metro area but the Outlanders maneuverability was perfectly suited for the infamous driving style of the NY area.


The GPS was super responsive so I getting lost was never a worry at any point. Things did get interesting once I reached DC. An unexpected snow storm came through was swirling winds that dropped visibility in a matter of minutes. Fortunately the Outlander came through in the clutch without any slipping or sliding on the icy roads.

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I think if I had to decide between this and the standard Outlander I’d go with the standard only because of size and people that know me know I’m into larger vehicles, but overall I’d direct anyone to the Sport without hesitation it’s a great ride!

Check out my video peek into the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport!!

#SamuraiRides #DriveMitsubishi #DriveSTI


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