My Selma After Shocks

My Selma After Shocks


This past weekend I finally saw Selma, the retelling of Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s’ fight to bring equal voting rights to the people of Alabama. I was familiar with the story but I wanted to see this film as a reminder to myself and to be a context provider for what is taking place in the U.S today.

As I’ve gotten older I feel as if my own emotions are getting more sensitive. Images of ignorance, bigotry, hate and violence aren’t new to me but Selma did a masterful job of framing the brutality our people opposed in a manner that forced me to fight tears during a number of scenes. Tears of frustration for what has taken place, tears of anger for what you want to do even if you know that it would be the death of you. Tears at the realization that it’s still taking place today.


More and more I’m thinking about fatherhood. What that would mean not just for me but for the family I one day want have. Viewing Selma helped put so much in greater perspective for me. There is a rage that I believe exists within all Black men. This world in many forms and fashions opposes us and puts us in positions of tension and conflict. I believe that depending on where you live and how you experience things in life its only a matter of time before this rage is tapped into. It’s like Pandora’s box and once it’s been accessed you can’t go back. I’ve supported in media form and in person for social issues of injustice but I feel as if my rage in the past few yrs has been legitimately opened up. I can’t explain why things are done to us still for the color of our skin. I don’t know if I have it in me to hold back any more. This is why I respect the young leaders in our community so much.


Selma is a powerful film. If you haven’t seen it yet I hope you get the opportunity to do so. It will evoke deep emotions and I think the we all need that. It’s a necessary balance and reality check for the world we are dealing with.  It hurts but there is still a beauty to be found in our resilience and the belief that we will overcome this….eventually.





What Is Left To The Imagination?

What Is Left To The Imagination?


Our society is over flowing with #TMI and graphic over sharing. While this isn’t automatically a bad thing, It makes me wonder how much of our interactions with the opposite sex get sabotaged by the new nature of public communication. I believe in freedom of speech and the end to many of old school social norms that make people scared or at least hesitant to be openly sexual in their expressions. With that being said is it wrong to admit to the fact that some times saying too much is a major turn off?

I definitely have learned that there is more to people then what they post on social media BUT to disassociate the things projected to the world from the person on and off-line would be disingenuous as well. Have you ever had your interest in someone negatively effected by something said that was a little too much for you? On the flip side when’s the last time someone surprised you with “more than you expected” because they played things closer to the chest in the view of the public?

I feel like there is an added appeal when the low-key individual of few words keeps a little something up their sleeves for those that get close enough to them to deserve it. It’s almost like a movie in that folk today give away so much of the plot in teasers that it lessens certain enjoyable elements since you know what to look for.

In the end it’s all really a matter of the person. Some folk flip adult explicit content better than others. It flows like a native tongue dropping equals parts knowledge, curiousity and appeal. This is the continuing journey and adjustment to the world of 24/7 border-less interaction.  When you’re always talking sometimes you just say what will get a guaranteed reaction. Let’s make sure our words are saying a bit more but still leave something to look forward to.






Now Everyone Wants To Super Size But We Been Eating – When “Big is In”

Now Everyone Wants To Super Size But We Been Eating – When “Big is In”

Style Blogger Gabi Fresh

The American mainstream media is having a field day with the news that a “Plus Sized” model will be gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. When I heard this my reaction was pretty blazay. Oh? So, another thing we in the real world and especially in communities of color have loved for ages is now acceptable??? Oh how nice. You couple that with the well placed yet far from authentic line from Drake about BBW’s and now Big is in!!

Look if this turns out to be more than just a moment and truly ushers in an era of fully figured body acceptance I’m 100% for it. I just fear that this might just be another passing fad to temporarily pacify the masses before we go back to seeing size 0 frames paraded in front of us all day.


Before Jennifer Lopez played Selena we loved curves, before Kim K popped up on the public radar we loved curves, before Ashley Graham linked up with S.I WE LOVED CURVES!! The thing that I think about most is that our ladies need to feel great in all their various shapes. Now I do believe that health is paramount but healthy living and glorious thickness can coexist.

One of the things I do love about our social media age is that while the larger mainstream platforms push the typical body types, either the super skinny or the disproportionate T & A vixen, the average person is able to see, embrace and fully express their confidence and love of self.  Twitter hashtags like #Pluskini recently provided another ode to the natural female form. All of this is something I love to see and it’s long over due. Recently someone very close to me was telling me “I don’t  like how I look during that shoot…..I look fat.” Meanwhile this is one of the most beautiful ladies I know. I want to see us get the body image stigmas out of our subconscious.

I’m grown. I’ve lived enough and experienced enough to see past the nonsense society feeds us. I love women and they don’t need to fit some ridiculous European based definition of beauty. I think it’s actually in our imperfections that the greatest beauty lies. The ability to see and love yourself and others just as they are represents our highest form of interaction  with each other.

I have no clue if there will still be a focus on “Plus Models” this time next year. Hopefully the people carry the message through the seasons and they turn this moment into a movement. Could there ever be a Miss USA or Miss Universe that looks like the woman below? I’m hoping for that progress.

Model Olivia Campbell





Samurai Rides: Beating the Winter Blues with the Mazda 3

Samurai Rides: Beating the Winter Blues with the Mazda 3


The Holidays are officially in the rear view mirror and the realization is setting in that Winter is officially in full swing. Here in the Northeast the elements of nature for the next 2 months or so really put certain restrictions on the time you can comfortably be out and about. It’s darker earlier, its bitterly cold and snow storms threaten to cripple the area at any moment. Fortunately before the snowy season  started I had time to hit these streets with the slick and speedy Mazda 3. After having an amazing experience with the Mazda CX-9 I was excited to continue the Mazda experience.


If you’ve followed #SamuraiRides then you know that size does matter. I’m speaking in terms of my comfort level fitting in the drivers space without having to recline my seat to obscene levels. The Mazda 3, while smaller than the CX-9 felt incredibly roomy. The sports car feel had me longing for the extra wide highways of South Florida to really let this baby loose. Control, speed, handling and reaction to sudden stops were all handled well as I put the Mazda 3 through its paces between New Rochelle and Manhattan.


The unique Mazda Connect media display system and commander controls are set up ideally for usage without pulling your attention away from the road.


During my week with this ride a lot things were happening on a business and personal level. It is an emotional time and that resulted in me taking this beautiful ride out to a local park just to zone out and reflect. It also set a nice picture-taking back drop for the sleek design of the #Mazda3.

Check out the images below along with my video overview of the Mazda 3. You can not go wrong with this vehicle.

**For more info on the #Mazda3 hop over to the Mazda USA site here**

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Romantic Restaurants Across the United States

Romantic Restaurants Across the United States

Romantic Restaurants


Want to find a great place to take your Valentine this holiday? Look no further! Members of Social Fabric have found places all across the United States that are romantic and perfect for a lovely date night! Just find your local area below and see what fabulous places it has to offer. You can make it a night to remember! #Dinner4Valentines


Northeast Region

Eastampton, New Jersey – Dawn from A New Dawnn

Jersey City, New Jersey – May from La Vie En May

New Rochelle, New York – Jason from The Social Media Samurai

New York, New York – Ginnie from Hello Little Home

Unadilla, New York – Miranda from Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

Reading, Pennsylvania – Betsy from Heavens to Betsy

York, Pennsylvania – Sarah from How I Pinch A Penny

East Greenwich, Rhode Island – Kristin from Mama Luvs Books

Newport, Rhode Island – Stephanie from Mammamoiselle

Providence, Rhode Island – Mary from Tall Mom Tiny Baby


Midwest Region

Barrington, Illinois – Teresa from Tiaras & Tantrums

Chicago Area, Illinois – Michelle from Honest and Truly

Chicago, Illinois – Kelly from Kelly’s Lucky You

Chicago, Illinois – Jen from Fashionably Employed

Miami County, Ohio – Linette from The Home and Garden Cafe

Columbus, Ohio – Abbey from The Cards We Drew

Columbus, Ohio – Carissa from All in All

Troy, Ohio – Kendra from A Proverbs 31 Wife

Omaha, Nebraska – Mary from Living A Sunshine Life

Omaha, Nebraska – Lisa from Mom on the Side

Box Elder, South Dakota – Melissa from Kids Are Grown

Madison, Wisconsin – Jessica from All She Cooks


South Region

Birmingham, Alabama – Jennifer from Simple Hacks Living

Northwest Arkansas, Arkansas – Jamie from Jamie’s Thots

Pea Ridge, Arkansas – Robyn from Create it. Go!

Boca Raton, Florida – Shaina from Take a Bite Out of Boca

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Tampa Bay, Florida – Lauren from Lauren Paints

Tampa, Florida – C. Lee from Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Augusta, Georgia – Candy from Candypolooza

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West Region

Anchorage, Alaska – Laura from Day by Day in Our World

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Temecula, California – Kara from Ramblings of a Marine Wife

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