Prime Dining for a 914 Valentines Day

Prime Dining for a 914 Valentines Day



Time is flying and before you know it Feb 14th will be upon us. For some it’s another day and for others it’s a day marked for the expression of love and appreciation between family, friends and lovers. Whatever meaning the day holds for you it’s never a bad thing to treat someone who matters to you to an enjoyable dinner. As a life long Westchester resident, born and raised in New Rochelle, NY I want to share a few of my favorite restaurants both in New Rochelle and nearby 914 areas.

Happy Dining as I take a page from Chris Rock and give the Social Media Samurai Top 5!!!! (In no particular order)

#1 El Tio

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Located directly across the street from the family entertainment hub that is New Roc City, El Tio is my favorite Mexican restaurant in New Rochelle. They’re not too pricey and they have a wide array of options so there’s something for everyone. I’m a fan of the fried streak strips that they marinate in lime juice. (Fajitas en Cecina) Their drink menu is pretty lengthy too so you know I’m happy when looking for something to wash the steak down. If you’re going the movie and dinner route for Valentines day I’d highly recommend El Tio.

#2 Coromandel

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Around the corner from the Avalon on the Sound, Coromandel serves up some of the best Indian cuisine I’ve ever had. With a soft dimly lit interior it can definitely set the mood for a nice private evening.  In all honestly I drove by this gem for a while before finally being put on to it. Since then I’ve enjoyed a number of the lamb dishes they offer. Depending on what you have on deck for the day they also have a lunch buffet. Just letting you know that you have options. They’re not open very late with a closing time of 10:30 pm Friday & Saturday so reservations are a must if this is your Valentine’s Day destination.

#3 Ripe

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This takes us out of New Rochelle and a 15 min drive next door to Mt Vernon and it’s more than worth it. Ripe is a critically acclaimed Jamaican Restaurant with the best jerk meals you can find outside of your mothers own island cooking. They’ve been featured by the likes of CBS, ABC, Food Network and the New York Times. Let me tell you they don’t made to stand on media hype. This food is delicious and the legendary Rum Punch has even forced me to slow down which is no small feat. The Jerk Rib Eye which I rarely finish in one sitting is my favorite. They also serve up a number of great seafood dishes.

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#4 Haiku Asian Bistro

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Now if you hop on the 95 and head north about 15-20mins and get off on Mamaraneck ave you can take you date to Haiku Asian Bistro. It’s a very Trendy set up with great Japanese and East Asian dishes. The bar options are solid and for a change of pace you can dive into some saki drink specials sold by the bottle.

#5 Copacabana Churrascaria

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Rounding out my top 5 is Copacabana Churrascaria in Portchester. Again it’s a quick ride north from New Rochelle on the 95. If you and your partner are some meat loving individuals then you will be in heaven with the continuous servings of Brazilian cooked meats. Pace yourself because it can be a little overwhelming if you dive in too crazy. The Pork sausage, Prime Rib & Steak are a must. You can also spice things up at the open salad bar which includes a deep sushi selection.

Top 5! Top 5! I’m hoping that something on this post catches your eye and you take time to try a few of these 914 restaurants out AND there will be more coming for the entire nation in a few days 😉

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