Samurai Rides: Welcoming Fall with the Mitsubishi Outlander

Samurai Rides: Welcoming Fall with the Mitsubishi Outlander


An annual affair for many as the fall season hits is pumpkin and apple picking in the northern counties of the NY metro area. On a beautiful Saturday morning off a friend’s suggestion, I decided to get away from the loud sounds and frantic pace of the city for a little farm side fun. Bourgeois farms in Dutchess County were the destination. Riding the open roads up north we took in the scenery and brightly color foliage from the comfort of the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander.

I’m always appreciating of vehicles that provide me enough leg room without taking up the space of the passenger behind me. The sleek exterior design of the Outlander under states the amount of the room this car packs. I feel like in the age of cleaner, greener driving the monstrous gas guzzling SUVs of the late 90’s and earlier 2000 are now being replaced with an emphasis on understated size. I drove a Ford Expedition for a decade so I know what it was like hogging up the road to the tune of $85. I’m honestly a fan of this scaled down approach to automotive design.



Once you do get inside and behind the wheel of the Outlander there are a few features that I really liked ad hope become standards on all drives. There are motion sensors for the vehicles ahead of you that give you early warning to stop in the case of them braking suddenly. Along with that this Mitsubishi has lane recognition technology that alerts you when you are swirling and crossing over into another lane which is a VERY useful feature with a number of real life applications.
It was an enjoyable week with the Outlander. I’d definitely recommend it to people. Oh and the sound system knocks like you wouldn’t believe. Anyway, hit the jump and check out some of the images from this latest edition of #SamuraiRides.

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