Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades NYC To Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Nomadness Travel Tribe Invades NYC To Celebrates 3rd Anniversary


This past weekend over 200+ world travelers converged on New York City for the Nomadness Tribe Anniversary Weekend. Arriving from all areas of the U.S, Europe, South America and more, Tribe members came to celebrate the annual gathering of this new age social collective. With just under 9000 members worldwide it’s been amazing and at times overwhelming to be on the ground level and directly involved in keeping things together. It’s one thing to attend an event. It’s a completely different matter organizing and putting the event together.

I’m thankful that the good folk at Kia via DriveSTI put me behind the wheel of the new #KiaSorento because the space was definitely needed. The running around, stress and energy that went into this years gathering was something else but it was a small price to pay for the enjoyment of the Tribe. From getting the Venue to Music to Drinks there is a behind-the-scenes story to everything that few will ever know. Yet, when it was all said and done I’d do it all over again. Well, most of it.

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This past Saturday the Nomadness Travel Tribe had Brooklyn jumping as we packed the creative art space Free Candy. We also took the time to address the crowd, drop some upcoming trip info and  hold our annual Tribe awards presentation. Once the awards were done the DJ went right into the  “The Wobble” to get the dancing back on track.

Music flowed smooth and steady all night while our Bartenders kept drinks in hand. The Tequila shots of el Jimador and Tres Agave shots were thrown back all night. Others like myself went for the rum choice of Sugar Island. That’s not to mention the post awards unlocking of the Markers Mark and Pisco Porton bonus bottles!

Overall it was an amazing night and a testament to what can be accomplished when you believe in yourself and your vision more than what the world will attempt to instruct you to do.

I exist in silent awe of what my friend Evita Robinson is doing. One part of it is that I never saw this specific thing coming, yet not long into meeting her I knew something big was going to come from her. If ever I was right about someone I’m proud that it was her.

Already the team is moving full speed ahead on 2015 plans that will literally change the game. Nomadness is the movement to move with. Get familiar with it because it’s not going away, ever.


See the full gallery here via PhotosByRome

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  1. Jason, yours and all of High Councils hard work was most definitely appreciated. It was a blast as is all of our Tribe gatherings; whether it be a casual meet up to a NomadnessX Trip…they are always awesome.
    Love you all for what you do to facilitate us doing what we do!
    #Nomadness #TribeisLove #weaboutdatlife #gypsyfamily #lovemytribe

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