Nas Creates Scholarship Fund to Help Students Transition From College

Nas Creates Scholarship Fund to Help Students Transition From College


It’s been a very busy and productive time for Nasir Jones on the academics side of things. While the Hip Hop community has been in full celebration mode for the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, Nas has been growing his relationship with Harvard and speaking at schools about his story and overall value of Hip Hop and story telling. Now we can add Scholarships to the collegiate good deeds on Nas’ rap sheet. As I or any of my peers can tell you that step from college into the “real world” can be a rough one  and apparently Nas is looking to help ease that transition.

Nas has linked up with Koru, a company out of Seattle that specializes in post college assistance. Nas has invested an initial $100,000 into the scholarship and will be involved personally with coaching the first 10 students to receive the award. Regarding is involvement in this vital stage of adult development Nas had the following to say.

“I’m inspired to support Koru participants because I know how hard it can be to carve out your path and purpose in life. It takes conviction, hard work and the right network. The young people going through Koru are gritty, book smart and street smart. The Koru program gives them an opportunity to put those smarts to work. I can’t wait to work directly with them and share what I’ve learned through my own life experiences.”

The pairing of Nas and Koru was the result of a mutual friend of the legendary MC and Koru’s founder Kristen Hamilton.

“What companies are looking for,” Ms. Hamilton said, “is for people with the capacity to come up against a wall and think about what they’ll do when they get through it or around it rather than about how thick the wall is, or how challenging. This has been Nas’ reality. He didn’t go to college–he studied in the school of the real world, and became a successful artist and businessperson. He didn’t have his way paved for him. He embodies the notion of grit. So we started talking about how we could work together.”

It’s nice to get reminders that Hip Hop truly does have heart.



Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai