The Ultimate Shopping Experience via the New #DRMobileApp w/ iBeacon

The Ultimate Shopping Experience via the New #DRMobileApp w/ iBeacon

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New Yorkers are quite familiar with the efficiency, quality and “on every corner” presence of Duane Reade. I’m never more then a street or 2 away from anything I find myself in need of. That brand faith now gets a major shot in the arm as Duane Reade has just introduced the new #DRMobileApp version 2.o with iBeacon. I was really excited to check this out once I received word of it from #CollectveBias. For the store that is everywhere and has everything you can now expedite your time with Duane Reade’s new app. With an array of features on deck you’re relationship with Duane Reade now is no longer limited to being in the store or on the home website.

The App layout is simple and clean with very user friendly interface. You log in with the same account info from the home Walgreens/Duane Reade website. Your info transfers over to the mobile app. From there you can do a number of things to make your trips to Duane Reade more time effective. You can directly edit and order images to be printed or turn those pictures into cards, calendars and more via Quick Prints. Similarly you can browse the store to create shopping lists on the fly. Along with that the app allows you to order some items for fast timely delivery or you can just go pick up your order.


Visit iTunes to download the new #DRMobileApp Version 2.0

The health aspects this app can deliver you may be the great element yet. Prescription management, refills and even walk-in medical appointments can all be accessed through the app. The Rx options include the ability to save your specific info by directly scanning the barcode, using the prescription # or even the QR code. Again this is ideal for that person on the go that may have the habit of forgetting when their own their final pill. The app’s reminder and refill functions should eliminate those struggles.

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In regards to wellness the Walk with Walgreens program that has now been renamed Steps has been imported as well so you can keep track of your progress from your mobile device too. That also links into your Rewards Points which you can check here as well. You’ll see your present points total and how far you are from the next goal level. There is also an option for store activity. What makes this so useful is that you can pull up previous purchases and add them to your shopping list for future visits.


Finally, with the new #DRMobileApp comes the inclusion of new iBeacon location-based notifications. Starting in a few central Manhattan stores this new technology via the apps reads your proximity and once in the store sends a prompt to start-up the app and see what discounts are taking place in that respective store. This on site feature also reads what coupons you’ve digitally clipped from the weekly flyer and reminds you of what you have so you don’t miss even more savings. I almost forgot to save 55 cents on the Glade air fresheners I needed but was reminded when the iBeacon notifications for the app kicked in. On a side note, people have asked me my thoughts on security with this app. People don’t like the sound of something retail based reacting to your movements. What I tell people is to view this as reverse Foursquare. Instead you checking into the store to unlock deals, once you’re app enters the iBeacon field the store checks in with you.

In watching Duane Reade continue to embrace full interactivity with their customers makes this new mobile step no real surprise. This app succeeds in creating a fully robust customer relationship from web site to mobile to in store. Don’t be surprised when more businesses start implementing this type of tech as the digital movement marches towards more mobile activity. Make sure you visit iTunes to download the free #DRMobileApp and try all of this out for yourself. Expect an Android version in the near future.

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