Online Business 101 – Email Etiquette w/ the Samurai

Online Business 101 – Email Etiquette w/ the Samurai


I really sat and wondered if I was going to share this, but then it happened again earlier this week in a different capacity and that forced my hand to write. We live in an amazing time for business and communication not only is it easier to find people but distance and long distance fees no longer limit the ability instantly speak with some one. Unfortunately as this communication has gotten easier some poor attitudes towards handling it have emerged. Let me share a short story…

One day I get an email from a company that deals in healthy natural body wash products. I check them out and things look good. They tell me that they’ve seen my work with a major retail store they are selling in and want to work with me. They bring the idea of a product review to me.  I’m cool with this as a few to help the brand I’m already working with and aid this smaller company as well. The initial email also stated they would reimburse me for the products I’m reviewing.  At this point I reply back stating my interest in working with them but that I need to know if there is an ability to compensate me. I appreciate the “in return we will promote you on our social networks” offer but that truthfully doesn’t equate to the time spent in creating the product review or the reach I already have via the brands I work with. Continuing to express a desire to find a middle ground I offer a discounted negotiable rate. To this day I have received no reply.

No one answered and said sorry we don’t have the budget for that but thank you. No counter offer was made. They didn’t hear what they wanted and essentially said “Well forget you.” I thought about replying back to point out this level of unprofessional communication. I considered mentioning them here by name but elected not to. What I will pass on to anyone planning to do business with a blogger and/or social media professional is to have multiple plans of attack and be prepared to not get what you want. You’re professionalism should not be determined by if you get your way or not. Also having a basic respect for the time and work of others helps too. This company took some time to see what I was doing and who I was doing it with yes, but clearly they should have known I get paid for the same thing they were asking me to do for free. What’s the point of the work I’ve put in to build my still my growing brand to a point of earning money just to accept freebies? I’m always down to try and make things work but this was just rude.

This is what I have to deal with. No complaints but people still don’t see the need to apply basic codes of business conduct and etiquette to what people like me do. Perhaps one day…..