The Combat Jack Show Speak with Marc Ecko

The Combat Jack Show Speak with Marc Ecko


Front if you want to but Ecko was a staple for many back in the 90’s. I know I had a few pieces back in the day. Creator Marc Ecko visits the Combat Jack show and chops it up about his career, home town, business and his book ‘Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out.’ It’s a solid listen worth your time. Get comfy and check it out. 

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Cognac Time XO Edition at Fresthetic

Cognac Time XO Edition at Fresthetic


Last week I took a little ride over to Brooklyn to catch a special live broadcasting of Cognac Time with Coolie High. As a supporter of Tasty Keish’s  TK in the AM I’ve heard her big up the show often, so when the invite arrived for the night’s gathering I had to check it out. This edition took place at Fresthetic, this Dope clothing and art shop that you need to get familiar with. The nights mood was pleasant, smooth and laid back. We enjoyed wine and cheesecake via Sound of Cheesecake. The audio magic came courtesy of Charlotte Mishell. Sharing her story and talents with the people was Poet Caits Meissner, the shows feature guest.

The Creative items around the Fresthetic shop!!!

I was glad I came through and looking forward to future shows. You guys need to check out the show for yourself here. Below is a taste of the tunes played that night. You won’t be disappointed. *Visit Cognac Time Here*

Also, special thanks  to fellow Nomadness Tribe member Veranda for the invite.


Funky Good Time – James Brown – Live In New York
Opium – Homeboy Sandman – Actual Factual Pterodactyl
Try A Little Tenderness – Otis Redding – Deep Memphis Soul
blackest blood – Caits Meissner – The Wolf & Me
Sparkle – Camp Lo – Uptown Saturday Night
Think Twice – J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Welcome To Detroit
Heartbreaks + Setbacks – Thundercat – Apocalypse
With You – Marsha Ambrosius – Late Nights & Early Mornings
facing wind (Featuring Dunce Apprentice & Maya Azucena) – Caits Meissner – The Wolf & Me
Ain’t Nobody Like You – Storm LaTormenta
Here I Come – Barrington Levy – Here I Come
Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) – Billy Ocean – Billy Ocean
Horny Halo – Spokinn Movement – Spokinn Movement

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Jay-Z Releases Statement on Barneys & Questions NY Daily News

Jay-Z Releases Statement on Barneys & Question’s NY Daily News


In the midst of increasing media chatter, online petitions and social network questioning Jay-Z gave a full statement on the ongoing Barneys profiling situation. This was a statement Shawn Carter had no intention of giving at this time while the situation was still fluid but as we know the people get to wanting things when they want them and you have to act. Looking from the outside in and taking the follow statement at face value I have no issues with the current position. I prefer a well-informed statement vs a fast one but that’s just me.

I’m not of the belief that we need to wait for some rapper, ball player or actor to lead the charge against things we know are wrong. We have the power to effect change, but while we see how things play out, here is Jay-Z’s full statement and reply to the Friday cover of the Daily News he was put on.

This collaboration lives in a place of giving and is about the Foundation. I am not making a dime from this collection; I do not stand to make millions, as falsely reported. I need to make that fact crystal clear. The Shawn Carter Foundation is the beneficiary and the foundation is receiving 25% of all sales from the collaboration, 10% of all sales generated in the store on November 20th and, an additional donation from Barneys. This money is going to help individuals facing socio-economic hardships to help further their education at institutions of higher learning. My idea was born out of creativity and charity… not profit.

I move and speak based on facts and not emotion. I haven’t made any comments because I am waiting on facts and the outcome of a meeting between community leaders and Barneys. Why am I being demonized, denounced and thrown on the cover of a newspaper for not speaking immediately? The negligent, erroneous reports and attacks on my character, intentions, and the spirit of this collaboration have forced me into a statement I didn’t want to make without the full facts. Making a decision prematurely to pull out of this project, wouldn’t hurt Barneys or Shawn Carter, but all the people that stand a chance at higher education. I have been working with my team ever since the situation was brought to my attention to get to the bottom of these incidents and at the same time find a solution that doesn’t harm all those that stand to benefit from this collaboration.

I am against discrimination of any kind, but if I make snap judgements, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as someone who profiles? I am no stranger to being profiled and I truly empathize with anyone that has been put in that position. Hopefully this brings forth a dialogue to effect real change. – Shawn “JAY Z” Carter


**Barneys & Sharpton Post Meeting Statement**

“No one, and I mean no individual, should go through the unacceptable experiences described by Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips,” Lee said Tuesday after an hour-long sitdown with the Rev. Al Sharpton at the Harlem headquarters of his National Action Network. “We offer our deepest sympathies to both of them. Our preliminary investigation has concluded that, in both of these instances, no one from Barneys New York raised any issue with these purchases…’

“No one from Barneys brought them to the attention of our internal security, and no one from Barneys reached out to external authorities.”

Asked if he was blaming the NYPD for the alleged profiling, Lee said, “I can only speak to what we know from the preliminary investigation.”

“Racial profiling is an extremely serious form of discrimination. We take it very seriously, and if we found that to be factually true we would terminate those individuals,” he said.
“That’s not the policy at Barneys.”

Sharpton also singled out the NYPD in blasting the alleged “shop and frisk” policy.

“If, in fact, NYPD takes it upon themselves to profile, that needs to be dealt with by retailers,” he said.
“If, in fact, there were rogue members in these department stores that have some collusion with members of NYPD that is not known to the heads of these companies, that ought to be dealt with by retailers.”

Barneys’ Lee also apologized to music mogul Jay-Z, who is slated to launch a clothing line with the retailer in November, and has charity dealings with the store.

“We deeply regret that these recent events have distracted from the great work of the Sean Carter Foundation, and we offer our sincere apologies to Mister Carter.” Lee said.
“Our collaboration together is based on the shared mission of helping individuals facing socio-economic hardships.”


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Previously Unreleased MTV Interview w/ Kanye West (2002)

Previously Unreleased MTV Interview w/ Kanye West (2002)




Pretty much every week we get something new to talk about regarding the Chicago music maker. It’s almost easy to forget just how long Kanye has been doing this. We get a nice throw back gem as this interview, unreleased at the time of its recording, resurfaces over a decade later. It gives a nice context to the man Kanye was, his early producing inspirations and  his view of himself coming up with Rocafella at the time.  Get comfy and enjoy the one hour trip back in time.

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Will Hip Hop Stand Against The Brands They Support?

Will Hip Hop Stand Against The Brands They Support?



By now I assume most have heard the story of the young man that was profiled at Barney’s, the high end shop in Manhattan. On one level it’s a very cut and dry case. What was done to this man has no justification or excuse. While the victim Trayon Christian now pursues legal actions I step back and want to look at another component of this story. Stores profile people. This is nothing new. Shopping while Black has been reported on for decades now. Over that time the buying power of the Black community continues to grow. Even as average salaries and employment rates fall we continue to find a way to spend more money and support more businesses as then anyone else. Now let’s add another factor into the mix. The past 15-20 years has seen the commercial rise of Hip Hop as big business and it’s influence has grown even more. Yet on a social level Hip Hop has become nearly silent. Now would be a great time to speak up.

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What’s Next Now: Travel, Tech & More By NewsOne & Marriott

What’s Next Now in Travel, Tech & More Presented by NewsOne & Marriott


Yesterday I posted the following on Facebook.

When you get sick of the negativity across your computer screen and you go looking for something up lifting and nothing is around you only have one option left……go out and create it yourself.

As is the norm I was finishing some work and looked to my FB news feed to see what was happening. It was one of those moments when like 3 consecutive posts I saw were just incredibly negative disturbing stories and the commentary with them was equally bothersome. It was a classic “why did you elect to highlight this negativity” moment. It got to me resulting in the statement above. You reach a point of losing faith in people to bring that light forward but as the saying goes, good news is no news. Knowing this I set out to have a great evening full of all the things you rarely see focused on.

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Can You Avoid Online Trap Media?

Can You Avoid Online Trap Media?


The subject matter varies but the set up is the same. I see the trap poorly hidden among the Internets daily content. From the initial moment the post goes live I know what is ahead. Before the storm hits I read the post. I see the spin and slant. I then find the full story. Ok, here are the details and the context. I go back to the original post and make a mental note. By this point I see the same post popping up on Facebook and Tumblr feeds. The Retweets are spreading fast across Twitter. Another successful media trap has caught its prey. Not the first, won’t be the last.

How many times does this play out before people see the role they are being cast in? That of the predictable fool. It’s like the dog that is trained to come to his food bowl when the whistle is blown. He links the whistle to food even if he has no assurance food is there. Media has the trained the public to react without any assurance of full truth or context. As the ADD Era marches on I watch as people base countless replies and commentary articles based off singular statements, rephrased quotes and incomplete reporting. As much media as we have in play presently why do we refuse to dig a little deeper into matters. I often find myself seeing things and saying to myself that I know this isn’t going to end well. Why don’t you see the trap? I wish that wasn’t the case but I know people. It may be the 1000th single Black woman post, insecure Black man post, clueless celebrity statement, Blame Obama, etc,etc….You’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a million times. At this point I don’t even blame media anymore. I blame people for not adapting and learning the trick by now. How many times must we repeat the same actions with no real goal or accomplishment made. Yeah we just spent all day arguing something that wasn’t even fully accurate.

I’m starting to feel that the big picture means nothing. The goal isn’t growth, unity or understanding. It’s “Hear me because I’m right and you’re wrong!” Yeah you can have that. How often I’ve interrupted back and forth sessions just to say “Um you guys know this article isn’t really correct right?” It’s not rocket science. Stop eating everything that’s put in front of you blindly. We know the media needs its hits, views and shares. Can we stop playing into their game? At the very least can we share some more positive content? It’s odd because so many of us presently share so much negative material that may pertain to a small percentage of our lives. You have family that loves you, a healthy relationship, a strong mind but you elect to talk about everything else but that? It’s a choice. It’s always a choice.

Stop falling for the trap because here’s the secret. When you stop stepping on them….they’ll stop putting them out there.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai

Samurai Skills: Keep An Open Mind To Communication Channels

Samurai Skills: Keep An Open Mind To Communication Channels


Things just aren’t like they used to be. Over the past 15-20 years we’ve seen a real swing in how the traditional lines of communication flow while conducting business. The evolution of technology and social media now gives us so many channels that I’ve often been asked what is the proper way to engage someone regarding business? Truthfully for me it’s a two-fold answer that depends upon the relationship you have with the other party. I’ve been contacted in a few ways about potential business and didn’t find any of them to be unprofessional. Let’s take a deeper look into this.

Ideally you have your business email where most of that initial communication should originate through but realistically you should be receptive to messages where ever you frequent the most. If you are heavy on LinkedIn then that inbox may be where people first contact you. From the outside looking in many people no longer assume that emails get priority. Especially if they know you’re on Twitter or Facebook most of the day. It’s at this point where I say value the message more than the place where it’s delivered. Every day I see comments from those online that say Facebook is a waste of time and nothing productive comes from it. While personal viewpoints and usage vary. The reality is that nearly 90% of social media activity happens on Facebook. What you do and how you utilize it is up to you. I for example openly push social media commentary and information on FB so that in turn when my chat inbox lights up from business inquiries it’s not a problem. I welcome the initial contact and should things progress from their I direct the conversation to my email. When we start talking costs, fees, etc we leave social sites for traditional emails. Depending upon the level of business things may progress to a phone conversation and in some cases the deal is sealed with a face to face meeting.

Let me just note that the phone call and face to face aren’t requirements in this technological age. Some people may video chat instead. Whatever system works for you and your business is perfectly fine. I like having a certain connection with the people I work with solely to establish a trust factor. I want to get across the point that I stand behind what I do 100%. With that being said once business is underway the majority of my communications are via email with phone calls and/or text message used only in more urgent situations. You don’t want to invade personal space if it can be avoided, but do what you must to get the job done. Entrepreneurs know that the classic Monday to Friday work week is falling to the side for the 24/7 flex schedule of more independence. Set your own rules that best fit your business. Don’t let outdated guidelines cause you to lose an important message.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai

Curious on my thoughts about online communications on a more personal level? Check this post I recently wrote.

Rap Radar x Hot 97 – Payola, Breaking New Music & Internets!!!! (Full Audio & Video)

Rap Radar x Hot 97 – Payola, Breaking New Music & Internets!!!! (Full Audio & Video)

Rap Radar

Hip Hop is in a place where the media personalities are bigger then the artists at times or at least they try to be. In this edition of Juan Epstein Rap Radar visits Hot 97 to air a few things out. It’s the Rap Radar honcho Elliot Wilson formerly the man behind the once dominate XXL magazine and Hip Hop blogger B Dot chopping it up Dj Cipha Sounds, host Peter Rosenberg and Hot 97 program director Ebro.

Before getting into the audio I’ll give my opinion that both of this platforms push the mainstream musical agenda. Very few new artists are being broken, but I don’t look to Hot 97 or Rap Radar for that. It’s going to be Young Money, GOOD Music, etc,etc….but it that’s their lane and it’s a business. With that said get comfy because it’s a long
play. Add Follow on Twitter too at @Trueomeganexus

Lost Art of Online Communication

Lost Art of Online Communication


I’m honest about the world we live in. We have an unlimited amount of potential to do great things but we can’t get out of our own way most of time. I sit back and watch far too often the ridiculous circle of broken communication that we engage in day in and day out. Then people ask me why I don’t chime in. Truthfully I can’t feed into something I feel is pointless and redundant. What I’m getting at is the suffering skill of conversation. It’s in poor shape and I see a few reasons why that is.

There is an ever-growing list of ways we can interact with each other. Technology has made social networking the ultimate playing field with essentially no rules. As such the digital conversation space has taken on a shape even more extreme than the physical world it represents. For the vast majority of the population we love extremes. Even though the truth is that most of us live in a world of countless grey hues, we love to act like things are 100% black or white. This is unrealistic yet it appeals to us and pulls folk into the topic of discussion. You then couple that with the unbridled ego that these Internets provide and you get the recipe for a lot of arguing and confrontation.

To be honest the subject manner doesn’t even matter. I’ve seen it happen over topics of food quality, sexual orientation, lifestyle, musical taste, political issues, social awareness…..anything you can imagine I’ve watched folk sink their feet into the ground and engage an opposing view with such force and venom, never with an attempt to understand or see a shred of the opposing view-point. I have a saying that I operate by.

“I’m not so worried about being right just that I’m respectfully understood.”

When it’s all said and done we all are going to do what we feel is best for us. I don’t need the next person to agree with me. I’d rather be able to speak to someone and have both of our respective view points understood and we go our own ways with a new degree of knowledge that we didn’t have prior. That may be wishful thinking on my part as we usually prefer the shock and awe approach to things vs the calm and collected route. As such I’m often able to see personality clashes coming before they happen. I can’t even tell you how many times I see something posted online and say to myself “That’s not going to end well.” Sorry to say it but if you observe folk close enough you see  people patterns very clearly. There’s a psychology to social media and the results are that people are quite predictable. It’s actually a pleasant surprise to me when I see a discussion actually remain civil.


We have so many ways in which to be heard that a lot of us forget to listen. Remember that communication is a two-way street.

In the meantime I’ll be navigating these Internets and you’re welcome to join me. Just follow me on Twitter at @Trueomeganexus