Hip Hop Zombies or My Night @ The Power 105 Breakfast Club Anniversary

Hip Hop Zombies or My Night @ The Power 105 Breakfast Club Anniversary

No good music
From the Blog Closet Originally posted December 21th 2011
**Here’s a throwback from my night at a Power 105 party that left me quite underwhelmed**

On the heels of this past sunday nights Hot 97 Wu Tang show I found myself again at the Best Buy Theater Monday night for the Power 105 1 yr Anniversary show. I knew going in this it would be a very different crowd then what I was a part of the previous night. Where as the other NY Hip Hop station warmed up the crowd with classics paying tribute to Heavy D, J Dilla, Guru and more, this so was quite literally a RADIO party as generic ass “hits” were played and forcefully hyped up by Dj Self. Hell after awhile Self decided to let someone else DJ while he got his momentary shine on running around the stage with the mic dancing and what not. No there was no showing of actual DJ skills this night.

Anyway they then had French Montana open up…………..

No good music

yeah exactly……
Then 2 Chains who I will continue to call Titty Boy came on next. I consider him strictly entertainment so it was cute as his current “Gettin’ it” joint rang out.

Finally, Wale came out and honestly gave a solid performance and Meek MIlls closed it out. No Ross appearance or any other real surprises

What made the biggest impact on me with the lack of emotion of this audience. It was clearly a younger crowd. It was the crowd of people who honestly only listen the radio for their hip hop. They react to the “hot” singles for a few moments then you have to change to a song cuz their attention has been lost already. Currently popular songs were played 2-3 just to get some reaction from them.

Understand that I just was in the same building as the Wu had the crowd insane performing FULL SONGS!!!!! The new generation was on full display and it was a poor representation. Hip Hop needs heart and emotion not the blind lemming like trance of the people today. I love this culture too much and as I watched the show even my boys and the women around noticed my dissatisfaction. This is the same reason I dont bother with Summer Jam anymore…..

I think I need to get to a Common show to relight the fire….

Taking a Smooth Cool Ride with HeadBlade

Taking a Smooth Cool Ride with HeadBlade

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric Community®. This Shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their clients. #Cbias #Shop

#DRHeadBlade #Shop


I’m always keeping my eyes open for new products that will make life easier and make the things I do normally more efficient. I was recently introduced to HeadBlade and after hearing good things about them from friends that use the uniquely designed product. I decided to give it a try. That was definitely a good decision. To top it off this new item was readily available at my favorite NYC retail spot Duane Reade. I was literally on my way to the Bronx when I learned of HeadBlade so I made a quick trip and picked it up along with a few other things.

#DRHeadBlade #shop

I have sensitive skin so blades have always been a rough issue with me. My routine had be to just visit my professional barber for smooth dome than mess around in the bathroom with a razor. Realistically I can’t run to the barber shop for everything and truthfully it’s not always that fiscally sound. If I desire to go for the clean smooth top it really shouldn’t be that difficult.

What intrigued me immediately was wheel based design of HeadBlade’s shaver. It was actually the main feature that hooked me. I’m very heavy handed and while I’m far from clumsy, when dealing with a blade on my head I like the idea that the wheels relieve the need for self applied pressure. It’s just a smooth natural roll down and back.

#DRHeadBlade #Shop

I took my time and before I knew it things were moving along steadily and swiftly. Final product was even better then I expected. Clean, smooth and most importantly not one single cut. For those interested in my post shave routine, I use Bump Patrol Aftershave lotion to eliminate and prevent bumps and ingrown hairs, but HeadBlade does offer an after shave lotion as well that you should try out. And yes, this shaver is good for all shaves. Head, face and body.

#DRHeadBlade #Shop


My mind is made up so HeadBlade just earned itself a new supporter. Now that #DRHeadBlade is on my radar I’ll be looking forward to what other products they have lined up for us. Take a moment to view some images from my trip to Duane Reade to pick up my first #DRHeadBlade products here.

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BBC’s Zane Lowe Speaks With Kanye West (Full Audio)

BBC’s Zane Lowe Speaks With Kanye West (Full Audio)


Certain people in Hip Hop no matter what they are doing musically are must hear Interviews. All jokes aside Kanye can never be labeled as reserved. He brings an energy and creative spirit that keeps things interesting and always gets a reaction. Often you may be calling him an ego maniac or big-headed but you have admire a guy that can look you in the face and tell you he knows how to “make perfect.”

“I showed people who I understand how to make perfect. ‘Dark Fantasy’ could be considered to be perfect. I know how to make perfect, but that’s not what I’m here to do. I’m here to crack the pavement and make new grounds — sonically and society, culturally.”

It’s interesting that while music is clearly a part of him, Ye seems to clearly want to be that fashion icon more so than anything Hip Hop is currently offering him.

“I spend 80% of my time working on [fashion] and 20% of my time working on music. Why do you think the song ‘N*ggas in Paris’ is called ‘N*ggas in Paris’? Because n*ggas was in Paris! That’s why we were in Paris. I’ve put in the 10,000 hours.”

Get comfortable and listen to the full Interview here.

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The Comfort of Conflict

The Comfort of Conflict


I’ve never been one for confrontation. I either prefer to use the energy else where or for the sake of the opposition I don’t want to take it somewhere they’re not ready for. While that approach is still a core response of mine, life has shown me that there is another way for me to view conflict. For something to bring me to a point of engagement that results in a rougher tone or more aggressive communication means that it’s something that means a lot to me. Drama is big on my avoidance list but often times what I view as avoiding drama is misinterpreted as weakness that folk think they can leverage later.

With all the project on my plate and the major life decisions being made presently, there’s no time for half stepping and allowing anyone to get it twisted how business will be handled. It’s not personal but friend or not if we’re working together things need to get done. Sometimes I point can’t be made effectively without a little fire being added to the delivery. If the goal is the same and intentions are pure a few moments of disagreement aren’t a bad thing.

Conflict Reaction

I’ve come to consider conflict a sign of legitimate authenticity. Especially in the field of managing a social network you learn that a collective free of differing view points and clashing opinions is more so a mindless collection of sheep that is difficult to trust. Conflict means folk are questioning the status quo, thinking of various ways to do things and not settling for what they are being told. Some ideas may be worth entertaining and others get shot down but at least there is progressive thinking at play.

It’s taken many of us enough time to realize truly who we are and what we want out of life. Now that the goal is clear is it wrong to be ready to fight for it? Now that full realization of the men and women that we are has been reached it is definitely worth making clear to anyone that doesn’t take you seriously. This isn’t a call to run around screaming on folk but rather don’t fear the results of having to put your foot down for your own sake.

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Baggage Claim Debuts at Urban World Film Fest

Baggage Claim Debuts at Urban World Film Festival

Movie Baggage Claim

Following the first successful evening at Urban World Digital the next evening I had the pleasure of taking in the premiere showing of David Talbert’s Baggage Claim. Attending the event with me were Nomadness Tribe members Evita Robinson and Ms Kelly P (check them out in the Arise TV video on the right side of the screen). After the film’s cast did their red carpet and media bit we were all seated for the show.

We were addressed by the Director Mr David Talbert who spoke briefly on his intentions with the movie and his road traveled to get here. I must say that being a part of an international traveling collective, this story of a woman looking for love across the nation is definitely an art imitates life experience for the many within the Nomadness Tribe. Without going into movie details I can say that Paula Patton’s character delivers on that light-hearted carefree persona we’ve come to expect. In my personal opinion Ms Jill Scott stole the show with a funny, lively, sassy character that is quite a change from previous roles.

Film Cast

It was a nice movie to see and I hope folk get out and support. Nothing wrong with a movie based around the classic concept of love conquering all. Upon the movie’s completion the main cast gathered on stage for a little Q & A session. It was here where the real worth of the evening was delivered. Many people overlook or under credit many black projects. They box them into a limited field and act as if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Last night’s viewing was taking place as the opening for the Urban World Film Festival. The theatre was filled with actors, actresses, directors, videographers and entrepreneurs of all types. These are people. myself included who face obstacles that many others don’t. We deal with an industry that quickly writes us off and attempts to limit our access to resources and opportunities. Seasoned actress and comedian Jennifer Lewis made sure that there would be on shortage of support and motivation in the building. She repeated to us the need to find your personal passion, pursue it 100% and to never forget that anything we want we can have. Period. When you spend your days dream chasing while trying to not get too overwhelmed by the finances, stress and all those other life issues, its great to get that positive reinforcement from some one that’s done it.

That’s what I take most from gatherings like this. It’s not to compete with my brothers and sisters. There is room for us all but we need to see each other succeed and advance. Your win is a win for me too. Those that learn how to embrace and channel that collective energy will always be in the game. The path will be difficult but as Ms Lewis said, “You don’t want that fast success…”


Support Quotes


Image via The NomadnessTribe Instagram Account

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Urban World Digital via HBO GO – Social Media, Influence and Entertainment

Urban World Digital via HBO GO

UWFF Cover

If you think you are an expert at anything and are no longer in need of more knowledge then you’re a fool. If I have learned anything in recent years it is that the acquisition of knowledge is never overdue or outdated. What ever field you operate in will change and evolve and your level of efficiency in it hangs greatly on how you grow with it. To that end I took in a full afternoon of highly informative discussion panels during the kickoff day of the UrbanWorld Film Fest.

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Wu Tang Winter Wars Courtesy of Octobers Very Own

Wu Tang Winter Wars Courtesy of October’s Very Own

Wu Tang OVO 1

It seems to be pretty common knowledge by now that the recently released “Wu-Tang Forever” cut off Drake’s up coming album has rubbed a few Clan fans the wrong way. This past week a few members of the who spoke on the matter as well. Inspectah Deck gave what was originally a show of support for the track only to reverse course as he apparently hadn’t heard the song and was speaking off the assumption that it was a legit tribute song. It clearly is not and garnered this reply from the Rebel I.N.S

“After listening to the @Drake song, I agree with u… It is in no form a tribute to WU and SHOULD NOT wear the title Wu Tang Forever!”

As is usually the case with the Clan these days, you’re never going to get a single view-point on any topic. The never dull U-God this weekend let it be known that lyrics for an official Wu Tang remix to this track have already been recorded. Perhaps this was a planned out move by the Major of Toronto. Truthfully I can only hope so. I am a full on 110% disciple of the 36 Chambers and while Drake is a very talented artist he’s definitely runs the risk of getting his hip hop card pulled if he plays around with the WU horde.

This whole issue strikes me as interesting because about 2-3 yrs ago I had a short conversation with someone who stood by his position that Young Money with its ever-expanding roster would be the new era Wu Tang. I think it’s pretty safe to say that’s not happening. They are commercially successful yes but greatly lacking in impact on the culture. I honestly believe that Drake is by no means a fool. He’s done tracks with Hip Hop staples like Bun B & E-40 showing love to both their respective styles and area cultures so he knows what a proper salute is. On the flip side we’ve seen him directly reference singers like Aaliyah and Beyonce in ways that had many scratching their heads. Until this rumored remix drops we can only speculate on what an OVO/Wu Tang collaboration  will sound like. It could be a great union or it could be another WTF moment in the young entertainer’s career.

Wu Tang OVO 2

One thing has remained steady since this NY collective erupted onto the scene in the 90’s. Be it with the members of the group itself or the worldwide legion on fans, Wu Tang Clan is nothing to F**k with!

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Police Profiling And Disregard For Common Sense Leaves Unarmed Black Man Dead

Profiling And Disregard For Common Sense Leaves Unarmed Black Man Dead

Police kill crash survivor

Imagine getting into a horrible car crash, realizing that you have survived and are in good enough condition to go seek help. As you search for assistance you must be feeling a degree of thanks for the continuation of your life. Unfortunately in this instance the car wreck was far more gracious to Mr Jonathan Ferrell then those he would seek help from. This played out yesterday morning as the Ferrell having escaped his vehicle made his way to a nearby home for help. His knocks at the door were answered by the female homeowner. She assumed it was her husband and upon seeing Jonathan, who was obviously a stranger to her, who slammed the door on him and called 911.   Ferrell, according to reports, continued to try and get the woman’s attentions before leaving. I call this lack of common sense point #1.

Making his way from this home Ferrell encounters Police, who are responding to the 911 call. What follows is to make least of common sense point #2. The 3 officers on the scene say Jonathan ran towards them. Now, because he “matched the description” of the attempt break in this woman called in, a stun gun was “unsuccessfully” used followed by 1 officer shooting Jonathan several times.  If there are any police reading this please help me out. 3 armed police and one man running requires deadly force? I grew thinking that deadly force was the last line of action, the final measure if nothing else failed. People in the position to take life as the police have done for decades should have better reasoning to be allowed operate but we all know no one’s listening.

How can I even write about this anymore. I often feel it’s just a countdown until this happens to me. The law enforcement of this nation has shown a heart breaking level of poor judgement and deadly misuse of force towards people of color to the point that I can only ask questions in an attempt to reach some sort of understanding. I have more apprehension around police then I do in the hood. The codes of the streets may be twisted but they often times seem to be way more consistent then the nonsensical acts we see played out by police time and time again.

Folk simply believe that black is dangerous. If you’re moving fast your up to no good and if your moving slow your planning something which is not good. It often feels like a gamble to walk the streets these days. Now this young man who beat fate in making it from this crash gets his life taken anyway….a fiance loses a future husband for no reason at all. And the powers that be call it all “unfortunate”.

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To Give More You Must Be Selfish

To Give More You Must Be Selfish

Selfish Time

As certain as the summer sun is hot and the winter wind is cold you can bet your bottom dollar that life will on various occasions beat you down to a point that you simply can not take it any more. You will want to drop everything you have on your plate and retreat to your corner. Trying to be the best people we can we have various responsibilities and obligations to certain people in our lives.  Some our partners of business, some are peers and friends, others are family. All of whom may depend on you in a number of ways. This often puts us in a space where we don’t feel capable of letting go of our stress. We tell ourselves that we have to suck it up  for our own good and that of others no matter what. Well let me say that this method of thinking will do nothing but put you in an early grave.

One of the definitions of Selfishness is the following; placing concern with oneself or one’s own interests above the well-being or interests of others.

Yeah that sounds bad doesn’t? Well it is, only when in a context of recklessness and egocentric focus. You see, we all have to select a time to  put our own interests above others. It’s self-maintenance. It’s needed personal care. For all the duties you may perform for others if you simply go till to fall out you are short-changing yourself and any others you are interaction with. This isn’t any different then the mentality of working smarter not harder. Sometimes the key to being a better worker is not working at all.

Presently many people I know are within a transition from the usually life mode of 9-5 business to more remote work and entrepreneurial endeavors. While this may free up time and space to move around, it usually results in an increased and higher responsibility load. Stress like all energies will not be destroyed but merely transferred so it’s on you to manage that energy before it affects your level of productivity.

Many people think that being “selfish” can only be done as a single person. There’s no way you can be in a relationship and be selfish. I couldn’t disagree more. The methods you may be able to utilize might change depending on the dynamics of the relationship but looking up for yourself shouldn’t. There’s this mind-set that being in a relationship means all fun and relaxation needs to happen with your partner present. I think that a couple should make it a normal part of their relationship to steal any from their usual pattern together and separately. It can be a simple 24 hr solo getaway to break up the usual routine that does wonders for you.

In the end, if you handle what it is you have to take care of and your feeling run down, don’t let any one make you feel bad for the time you take to get your mind right before jumping back into the business. It’s your body, your mind. The world will continue to spin even if you take a day or two to yourself.

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Power Trippin’ It’s All Human Nature

Power Trippin’ It’s All Human Nature Power Trippin From the Blog Closet Originally posted October 13th 2011

Sitting back I glance at the television, 40+ inches of HD details makes the images so clear…..so there’s no avoiding the vile things airing on networks ranging from ESPN to CNN. The faces of Power, Good, Bad and the Ugly are everywhere. I observe things. I’m a people watcher 24/7. Those I deal with personally and those I see from a distance. There is a consistency of how power and/or the attempts to gain power effect people. Some folk gain power through their infectious spirit. They stand for something and the force of their will attracts those of a like mind. This can result in the formation of local tribes, cults, religions, government,etc….There does come a point where a leader or a group hit that power ceiling. The ceiling is the point where power is manageable yet still within the checks and balances of the people below. Unfortunately, few people are satisfied with the ceiling. They crash through it showering sharp glass and debris on the people they are supposed to be working with and for.

Power Trippin
Penn State Supporter shows loyalty of just fired coach and town Icon Joe Paterno a midst growing scandal.

This past week brought us the horrible and still unfolding story of sexual abuse over the past decade at Penn State University. One man’s monstrous actions against the most fragile members of society and just as bad was the college cover up and protection for all those but the kids. Coaches and teachers placing the well being of children below the desire to maintain a school’s reputation. A parent’s Nightmare come true, being played out on the national stage.

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